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Are you looking for an electrical contractor in the Arkansas/Oklahoma Area? Ampco Electric has been providing superior quality electrical contracting services to commercial and industrial clients since 2007.

Our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and with several years combined experience you can trust that we can handle any electrical issue that you may have.

We tailor our electrical services to fit any sized commercial or industrial project. Our professional services include but aren’t limited to:

Industrial Services
Business owners rely on the electrical for their business operations to move efficiently and cost effectively. As any business owner knows, when there are electrical problems, production goes down and costs rise in short order. We can respond to any emergency problem at your industrial location and we can ensure that all of your wiring is in excellent working order.

Commercial Services
At Ampco Electric, we are specifically geared to service commercial and industrial facilities of any size. You won’t have to wait for any type of professional service because our technicians won’t be across town fixing someone else’s residential issue. We are exclusively devoted to taking on commercial and industrial issues.

Are you experiencing large-scale problems with your electricity? Are you experiencing a continuous issue with a circuit breaker or panel that keeps tripping, blowing, or killing power to areas of your commercial building? These issues may be symptoms of a problematic, outdated, or defective electrical system.

Ampco Electric provides troubleshooting in many different areas of industrial and commercial electrical systems.

Emergency Services
Electrical problems can occur at any time, sometimes resulting in devastating financial losses, especially when your business relies heavily on the effectiveness of your refrigeration or computer systems. With our same-day emergency services, we can respond immediately and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.