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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Outdated Electrical Panel in Tulsa?

If your home or business in Tulsa, OK still relies on an old, insufficient electrical panel, it’s likely time for an upgrade. Your property’s electrical panel is the central nervous system, distributing power from the main utility lines throughout your lighting, outlets, appliances, AC system, and more.

Over decades of use, panels wear out, capacity shrinks, safety declines, and replacement parts become scarce. Upgrading provides the safety, reliability, and ample power your Tulsa property needs to thrive now…and for decades to come.


The electrical upgrade experts at Ampco Electric have been providing panel installations, replacements, and upgrades for Tulsa, OK homes and businesses for over 25 years. We specialize in swapping outdated fuse and breaker boxes for modern, code-compliant panels that fully meet your needs.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about upgrading your electrical panel locally, including:

Let us know if you have any other questions about modernizing your property’s electrical capacity and safety! Ampco Electric is here to help every step of the way.

Top Signs It’s Time to Upgrade the Electrical Panel in Your Tulsa Home or Business

How can you tell if your outdated electrical panel is due for replacement? Watch for these common warning signs:

Frequent Tripped Breakers and Blown Fuses

Today’s homes have more high-watt appliances, electronics, lighting, and devices than ever. When an old panel can’t provide the needed power, the breakers trip or fuses blow constantly. Outages frustrate homeowners and disrupt business operations. Upgrading prevents shutoffs.

Not Enough Circuits

Older panels often have as few as 4-8 circuits. But most modern homes need 16-20 circuits minimum to run everything safely. Air conditioners, home electronics, and large appliances can each require their own dedicated circuit. Too few circuits mean constant tripped breakers as you overload the limited capacity.

High-Wattage Appliances

Central air, electric dryers/stoves, hot tubs, pool heaters, and similar large appliances consume huge amounts of electricity. Trying to run modern high-watt additions on an outdated, low-amperage panel is hazardous and will cause failures.

Outdated Equipment

Once electrical panels reach 40+ years old, replacement parts become scarce or obsolete. You’re left with an unsafe, unreliable system prone to breakdowns and faults. Even if it’s still “working,” an ancient panel should be upgraded proactively before problems arise.

Property Upgrades and Additions

If you’ve renovated, added onto, or expanded your Tulsa property recently, your electrical needs have likely grown too. More living space requires increased panel capacity to handle additional lighting, outlets, switches, appliances, etc. What was once sufficient now needs upgrading.

Frequent Repairs Needed

Constant repairs like wiring replacements and breaker fixes are just temporary Band-Aids. If your older panel frequently needs maintenance work, it indicates the entire electrical system needs modernizing for reliable performance. Parts simply wear out over decades of use.

Safety and Fire Hazards

Outdated electrical components become dangerous fire and shock risks with age. Faulty, overloaded wiring and circuits, damage, worn insulation, and insufficient capacity can all lead to arcs, sparks, and overheating. You do not want to take risks when it comes to home electrical safety. Faulty panels require immediate replacement.

If you notice any of these warning signs, contact Ampco Electric ASAP to inspect your panel and electrical system. Our master electricians can diagnose any issues or deficiencies. We’ll advise if a panel upgrade is recommended for your Tulsa property to restore safety and performance.

What Does an Electrical Panel Upgrade Cost in Tulsa?

Electrical panel upgrade costs range from $800 – $4,000 on average depending on several factors:

Here at Ampco Electric, we provide fair, competitive pricing on all Tulsa electrical upgrades. You’ll know the full detailed costs for equipment, labor, city permits, etc. before work ever begins. We also offer financing options. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

What’s Ampco Electric’s Electrical Panel Upgrade Process for Tulsa Homes & Businesses?

When you choose Ampco Electric for your home or business’s electrical panel installation or upgrade near Tulsa, OK, here’s what you can expect:

Initial Consultation

We’ll discuss your needs, preferred timeline, costs, and details of the full process. You’ll know what to expect for your upgrade.

In-Depth Inspection

Our master electrician will thoroughly inspect your current panel, wiring, amperage, circuits, grounding, age, and other components. He’ll advise if a replacement or upgrade is recommended plus any additional repairs needed. You’ll receive a detailed inspection report explaining the recommendations and options.

Clear Quote

Next, we’ll provide a written quote outlining the total panel replacement costs including:

  • Labor rates and estimated hours
  • All necessary equipment and parts
  • City permit fees


We’re happy to explain what’s included and answer any questions to ensure the price fits comfortably within your budget before moving forward.


Ampco Electric will obtain all the necessary Tulsa permits and inspections required to legally upgrade your panel to current electrical codes. We handle this paperwork hassle for you.

Panel Installation

Once approved, our experienced electricians will replace your outdated electrical panel with your chosen upgraded system safely and efficiently. We protect your property throughout the process. We can also rewire or ground other deficient electrical components at your home or business during this stage if needed.

City Inspection

After the new panel is installed, the city inspects it to ensure the new system meets all current electrical codes and safety standards. If any changes are required, we’ll address them.

Cleanup & Walkthrough

We perform a final thorough cleanup and walkthrough, explaining your new electrical components. Our work is 100% guaranteed, so please point out any concerns. We won’t consider the upgrade complete until you’re 100% satisfied!

Upgrading your insufficient or outdated electrical panel is a major project, but Ampco Electric strives to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We handle all the details efficiently from start to finish so you can get back to normal life!

Why Ampco Electric is Tulsa's Top Choice for Electrical Panel Upgrades

With an extensive electrical project like a full panel replacement, expertise and experience are critical. At Ampco Electric, we have the advanced training, qualifications, and dedication to safety and precision workmanship to do the job right the first time.

Here’s why we’re Tulsa’s #1 choice for electrical upgrades:

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

We’re available anytime you experience a failed electrical component, power outage, or other emergency. Prompt response can prevent costly damage.

Licensed & Insured Electricians

Our owner is a licensed Master Electrician with over 25 years of experience. Our team members are also fully licensed and insured, not amateurs. Proper qualifications matter a lot when handling hazardous electrical systems.

Professional Workmanship

Our crew has years of valuable training and hands-on experience with both modern and outdated electrical systems found in older Tulsa homes and buildings. We ensure electrical work meets exact safety standards.

Upfront Pricing

Our quotes include detailed cost breakdowns so you know exactly what to expect. No surprise fees ever. Just transparent pricing.

All City Permits Included

We include obtaining all required city electrical permits and inspections in our quotes. We’ll handle this approval process for you from start to finish.

Copper Wiring

We only use high-quality copper wiring in all electrical projects, unlike some companies still using outdated aluminum wiring prone to hazards and failures. Copper withstands heat and current loads better long-term.

Preventative Grounding

In addition to the new panel, we can add or improve grounding components like rods and wires to protect your property from voltage spikes or lightning strikes. We prevent damage before it happens.

Whole Home Rewiring

If your existing electrical wiring is outdated or deteriorating, we can completely rewire your entire Tulsa home or building to modern safety standards. Rewiring combined with the panel upgrade provides maximum safety and reliability.

Breaker & Fuse Panel Replacements

We upgrade outdated fuse boxes to modern circuit breaker panels that offer better voltage regulation as electricity needs fluctuate in your property. Breakers prevent hazardous overloads.

Full Safety Inspections

In addition to assessing your panel, we’ll perform a complete electrical safety inspection checking for any hazards like exposed wiring, overloaded outlets, faulty GFCI circuits, etc. We want your system 100% safe as well as upgraded.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work on all Tulsa electrical projects with a satisfaction guarantee. Our panels also come with warranties. We’ll address any installation issues that arise to ensure you’re happy.

Don’t take chances with electrical safety and reliability. The experienced, licensed electricians at Ampco Electric have the expertise to provide Tulsa homeowners and businesses with superior electrical panel upgrades done right the first time. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and quote!

Frequently Asked Questions about Upgrading Electrical Panels in Tulsa, OK

We get a lot of common questions from Tulsa area homeowners and business owners about upgrading their electrical panels. Here are some quick answers:

How to Stay Safe During an Electrical Panel Replacement in Your Home

When upgrading the electrical panel powering your home, safety must be the top priority. High-voltage electrical projects require caution. Ampco Electric takes every precaution to protect you and your family during the panel replacement process. But it’s also important you observe these safety tips:

Your experienced Ampco Electric team will focus completely on safety throughout the panel upgrade. But following these tips yourself helps the process go smoothly and prevents hazardous mishaps.

Warning Signs of Electrical System Overload from an Outdated Panel

Trying to operate a modern home or business with an outdated, insufficient electrical panel is hazardous. When your panel lacks adequate capacity, you’ll notice these warning signs of an overloaded electrical system:

A new breaker box can often be installed in just a day with minor disruption. Invest in enhanced electrical capacity and performance with panel upgrades from Ampco Electric.

Addressing overload symptoms as they occur with stopgap measures won’t solve the core problem – an underpowered electrical panel. Continuing to draw more power than your panel can handle risks fires, equipment failures, and power interruptions.

The only permanent solution is upgrading your main electrical panel and potentially your home or business’s wiring too. Ampco Electric can determine exactly where your electrical deficiencies lie and provide fair quotes on the necessary upgrades to restore safe, robust power delivery.

Don’t wait until catastrophe strikes from overload. Schedule an electrical inspection today with the experts at Ampco Electric. We’ll get your property’s electrical system up to current needs and safety standards.

Comparing Fuse vs. Breaker Electrical Panels

Updating your home or business’s electrical panel provides an excellent opportunity to switch from an old fuse box to a modern circuit breaker panel. Breaker panels have several key advantages:

Precision Circuit Control

Breakers trip at precise amperage overload points, then easily reset. Fuses are one-use blowouts with imprecise trip points

Preventative Tripping

Breakers trip BEFORE dangerous overloads occur. Fuses allow overloads then blow, risking damage and fires.

Visual Monitoring

You can glance at breakers to immediately spot any tripped circuits. Blown fuses are harder to identify.

Switching Off Power

Breakers can easily be switched on or off to control power and do maintenance. Fuses must be unscrewed.

Hazard Prevention

When overloaded, breakers trip safely with no exposed live wires. Blown screw-in fuses can expose sizzling hot metal contacts.

Reset Capability

Breakers are reusable and designed to be reset repeatedly after tripping. Blown fuses must be fully replaced each time.

Multiple Circuits

Breaker panels can accommodate dozens of circuits. Fuse boxes max out at only 8-12 circuits in most homes.

With so many safety and functionality advantages, upgrading from fuse to breaker panels is recommended. The electrical upgrade experts at Ampco Electric can guide you through the full modern panel installation process in your Tulsa home or business.