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Tulsa electrical code updates

Tulsa Electrical Code Updates for 2023

As a Tulsa homeowner or business owner, keeping your property’s electrical system up to code is critical for safety, compliance, and reliable performance. The National Electrical Code (NEC) 2023 edition will bring important updates for our city that electrical contractors and customers need to be aware of.

Ampco Electric has been the premier name in electrical services for the Tulsa metro area. Our experienced team stays fully up to date on the latest local code changes and requirements to ensure all work we perform meets or exceeds the standards for safety and quality.

In this complete guide, we’ll explain the key 2023 NEC code changes relevant to Tulsa, how they may impact electrical work on your property, updates to local permitting and inspections, and how Ampco Electric can help keep you compliant.

Overview of the National Electrical Code (NEC)

The NEC provides the comprehensive model standard for safe electrical installations across the country. It is published and updated every 3 years by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). While not a governmental law itself, most states adopt the NEC as their legal electrical code with local amendments.

Oklahoma has adopted the full NEC as the state electric code with additional Tulsa requirements. All electrical work is required by law to follow the code’s standards and procedures.

The 2023 NEC adjustment will introduce over 80 impactful updates to electrical installation requirements. Several of these changes will be highly relevant for Tulsa electrical contractors and property owners.

Key 2023 NEC Updates for Tulsa Electrical Work

We have identified the most important 2023 National Electrical Code changes that Tulsa electricians and property owners should be aware of:

Expanded AFCI Requirements

AFCI or arc-fault circuit interrupter protection will now be mandated for a greater number of circuits to prevent dangerous electrical arcing. The most significant update is:

Previously, AFCI requirements already applied to nearly all standard 120-volt residential circuits. Now all lighting circuits in existing rooms, additions, kitchens, bathrooms and more will need AFCI devices to meet 2023 code. This is a crucial safety expansion.

Expanded AFCI Requirements

Mandatory PV System Labels

Another significant update targets photovoltaic solar panel systems:

The new NEC standard aims to allow for quick identification of solar system components for safety and maintenance purposes. Common labels include “WARNING: PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER SOURCE” along with technical details.

How Solar Labeling Updates Affect Electrical Work:

Mandatory EV Charger Outlet in New Home Construction

Electric vehicles are on the rise, and the 2023 NEC tackles EV charging infrastructure in residential buildings:

This mandate will ensure new homes are “EV ready” with the electrical capacity to support Electric Vehicle charger installation. The circuit does not have to be used for EV charging but must be available for that purpose.

How the EV Charger Mandate Affects Electrical Work:

Expanded GFCI Protection Locations

GFCI or ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets prevent dangerous shocks. The 2023 NEC increases GFCI requirements to more areas including:

How Expanded GFCI Updates Affect Electrical Work:

Tighter Bend Radius Rules for Cables

The 2023 NEC now provides definitive minimum bend radius standards for various types of electrical cable during installation. For example:

And similar bend radius specifications for other wiring and cable types. This aims to prevent excessive bending that damages internal conductors over time.

How New Cable Bending Rules Affect Electrical Work:

Key Takeaway: These are four of the most impactful 2023 NEC updates for electrical work on Tulsa properties. AFCI, solar labeling, EV chargers, GFCI protection and cable bending should be focus areas for compliance.

How Electrical Code Updates May Affect Your Tulsa Property

As a Tulsa homeowner, business operator, electrical contractor or tenant, understanding the influence of the 2023 NEC changes is critical. Here is a closer look at how the electrical code updates may specifically affect you:

For Tulsa Homeowners

As a Tulsa homeowner, code updates related to AFCI protection, EV chargers, GFCI outlets and solar labeling should be on your radar for residential electrical work:

Discuss these code updates with your electrical contractor and stay on top of any actions needed to keep your home’s electrical safety up to date. The small added initial costs are well worth it for protection and peace of mind.

For Tulsa Business Owners & Operators

Commercial property owners and tenants should be aware of the following 2023 NEC impacts on business electrical systems:

Discussing these code changes with your commercial electrical contractor or facilities manager allows smart budgeting and electrical planning.

For Tulsa Electrical Contractors & Electricians

Local Tulsa electrical companies and electricians have important professional responsibilities to implement 2023 NEC updates during their work. Key focuses include:

Staying fully informed on code changes and diligently applying them in the field is key for professional electrical contractors and their employees.

For Tulsa Tenants & Renters

Renters and tenants may be less directly involved but should still be aware of key electrical code updates that improve safety:

While costs likely fall on property owners, tenants can still advocate for up-to-date electrical systems for better safety, convenience and home value.

Key Takeaway: Every Tulsa resident and property owner should understand how 2023 electrical codes affect their systems for informed budgeting, upgrades and electrical planning.

Changes to Tulsa Electrical Permit & Inspection Policies

An essential part of guaranteeing compliance with the latest NEC standards is securing proper electrical permits and passing inspections. The City of Tulsa has instituted notable electrical permit and inspection requirement changes for 2023.

Staying current on City of Tulsa policies is as important as the NEC changes themselves when completing code-approved electrical work on local properties.

Notable Updates to Tulsa Electrical Permit Requirements

Key electrical permit requirement additions and updates for Tulsa electrical contractors and homeowners are:

These policies standardize and clarify permitting requirements for high priority electrical work crucial to public and property safety. Understanding the latest rules reduces project delays.

Key Changes to Tulsa Electrical Inspection Policies

Notable electrical inspection policy updates from the city of Tulsa for 2023 include:

Tulsa electrical inspectors will be specifically checking for proper implementation of key 2023 NEC updates during their review. Following the details is imperative.

Key Takeaway: Lighting, EV charging, PV solar and GFCI are focal points for updated Tulsa electrical permit and inspection procedures.

Preparing for Smooth Electrical Permitting & Inspections

For Tulsa homeowners and electrical contractors, new NEC requirements coupled with updated city permitting and inspection policies may seem intimidating.

However, taking the right steps and working with experienced professionals makes navigating the process smooth and headache-free.

How Ampco Electric Simplifies Your Electrical Permit & Inspection Process

As your experienced local electrical partner, Ampco Electric has the expertise to manage your entire permit and inspection process while ensuring code compliance:

Pull All Required Permits

We will submit all needed electrical permits for your lighting, EV charging, PV solar or other electrical work.

Perform to Code

Our electricians execute installations to meet the latest NEC and Tulsa requirements for AFCI, GFCI, labels, bending and more.

Schedule & Attend Inspections

We’ll coordinate all required rough-in and final inspections with the city and attend to represent your project.

Make Any Corrections

If inspectors flag any issues for correction, we will address them promptly until your system passes inspection.

Provide Documentation

We’ll furnish any photos or documents needed by the city to approve compliant electrical work.

Ampco Electric Keeps Your Tulsa Property Up to Electrical Code

As Tulsa’s premier electrical contractor for over 50 years, Ampco Electric makes staying up-to-date on the latest NEC revisions and City of Tulsa policies a top priority for our staff and business.

We believe safety, compliance and reliability are the foundations of quality electrical work. Our veteran Tulsa electricians and apprentices receive continuing education to perform electrical installations that meet the most current code standards.

You can trust Ampco Electric to keep your Tulsa home or business electrical system up to date on safety requirements. We also pledge transparency and will explain any code changes that may impact your project timelines or costs well in advance. Our goal is providing smooth, trouble-free electrical projects that enhance your property’s safety and function.

Why Choose Ampco Electric As Your Code-Compliant Electrician?

50+ Years of Service

Our tenured history provides the experience to expertly navigate complex evolving safety codes.

Qualified Personnel

Our licensed and trained Tulsa electricians stay fully up-to-date on the latest NEC and local requirements.

Code Awareness

We diligently follow emerging code changes and research impacts to our work and customers.


 We will clarify how code adjustments may alter project timelines or costs as soon as possible.

For electrical repairs, upgrades, or new builds in the City of Tulsa, have confidence choosing Ampco Electric. Contact us at (918) 775-3281 or online to schedule a 100% code-compliant electrical project with a local professional contractor.