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Tulsa Electrical Contractors

Trusted Electrical Service in Tulsa, OK Since 1997

For over 25 years, Ampco Electric has been the leading electrical contractor serving homeowners and businesses across the Tulsa metro area. Our master electricians have the technical expertise, hands-on experience, and dedication to provide the highest quality electrical installations and repairs.

We handle residential projects of all sizes, from simple lighting fixture upgrades to whole home rewiring. Our commercial electricians can design and install robust electrical systems for new construction, then keep them running smoothly for decades after.

Ampco Electric aims to build lasting partnerships with clients by exceeding expectations. Discover why we are the top choice for flawless, cost-effective electrical solutions.

Why Hire Professional Electrical Contractors?

Electricity is an essential but potentially dangerous invisible force. Faulty electrical work poses serious risks of electrocution, fires, equipment damage, and power failures.

Don’t trust electrical projects to amateur DIYers. Our fully licensed and insured electricians have the necessary skills, diagnostic tools and experience to handle any electrical job safely and correctly the first time.

Professional Electrical Help is Crucial For:

Ampco Electric stays current on the latest NEC safety regulations and innovations in smart home technology. We make it our business to manage electrical systems safely and efficiently so our clients don’t have to worry.

Residential Electrical Services

We provide a complete range of residential electrical services to homeowners in Tulsa. No project is too small or too complex for our experts.

Home Electrical Repairs

Faulty electrical work in your home must be addressed promptly to prevent unsafe conditions. Ampco Electric offers guaranteed quick response times and permanent solutions for any issue. Common home electrical repairs we professionally handle include:
Our master electricians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic tools combined with hands-on experience to precisely identify electrical issues. We don’t take shortcuts or use temporary fixes. You can count on correct, reliable repairs by Ampco Electric.

Home Electrical Panel Upgrades

Today’s modern homes demand 200 amp electrical capacity or more. Upgrading your main breaker box provides:
Ampco Electric offers full-service panel upgrades and replacements for homes needing expanded capacity. This involves:
In most cases, we can upgrade your home to 200 amps or more in just a day with minimal disruption. Enjoy enhanced electrical power and flexibility for decades to come.

Home Electrical Rewiring

Many older Tulsa homes still rely on outdated, hazardous “knob and tube” wiring installed decades ago. Over time, this wiring becomes brittle and cracked, creating dangerous shorts and voltage drops. Frequently tripped breakers, flickering lights, and melted insulation are warning signs your home may need complete rewiring.

Ampco Electric offers authoritative whole home rewiring services to totally refresh outdated electrical systems. The process involves:

While a major undertaking, whole home rewiring is crucial to protect your most valuable investment. Ampco Electric completes rewiring projects with care and quality workmanship.

Home Surge Protection

Power surges can result from utility grid fluctuations or lightning strikes. The resulting unexpected voltage spikes can irreparably damage your sensitive electronics and appliances. Pre-empt expensive damage by having Ampco Electric install advanced whole house surge protection.

We recommend heavy-duty surge protector units designed to divert excess voltage safely before it damages your home’s electrical system and devices. Protection is provided against surges originating both outside and inside the home.

You can safeguard your valuable electronics for a small upfront investment that pays dividends through years of use.

Home Generators

Severe storms and blackouts are unpredictable. Don’t get caught without electrical power when you need it most. Ampco Electric installs reliable home standby generators able to supply backup electricity to your home’s essential circuits.

We help select the ideal whole house generator considering:

With the push of a button or automatic operation, your generator will restore power quickly to keep appliances, security, heat and other necessities running uninterrupted.

Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

Proper lighting transforms your home’s exterior spaces for both beauty and functionality. Ampco Electric offers professional landscape lighting services to highlight your home’s best architectural and landscaping features.

We’ll design a aesthetic, energy-efficient outdoor lighting plan that includes:

You’ll gain a stunning new appreciation for your home’s outdoor spaces after sunset with customized landscape lighting.

Lighting Fixtures and Controls

Ampco Electric provides endless options to enhance lighting for both form and function inside your home. From simple fixture upgrades to elaborate lighting redesigns, our residential lighting services include:

Ambient Lighting

Accent Lighting

Task Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Smart Lighting

Ampco Electric delivers flawless lighting installations backed by our local service guarantee. We can maintain and repair your lighting fixtures as needed so they continue performing optimally.

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles represent the future of driving. Get your home ready by having a high-powered Level 2 EV charging station installed by Ampco Electric’s experts.

Our EV charger installation services include:

With a robust EV charger ready for use at home, you’ll enjoy maximum driving range and convenience.

Commercial Electrical Services

Beyond residential projects, Ampco Electric also specializes in meeting the unique electrical needs of commercial buildings and business across the Tulsa area.

New Construction

If you’re building new commercial space or renovating existing buildings, our electrical contractors can expertly handle all aspects of the project from preliminaries through to final inspections.

For commercial new construction, we provide:

Pre-Construction Planning


Project Management


Ampco Electric stays on schedule while building robust electrical systems made to serve your business for decades after construction.

Lighting Design and Installation

Proper lighting is crucial in workplaces, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Ampco Electric offers comprehensive lighting services including:

Design and Planning

Professional Installation

Lighting Repairs and Maintenance

By optimizing both lighting quality and efficiency, we create the perfect environment for businesses to thrive.

Backup Electrical Power Systems

Power failures cripple normal business operations and cost companies thousands in lost revenue each day. Protect your organization by having Ampco Electric install reliable backup power generators or battery systems able to supply electricity to critical systems when the grid fails.

We offer complete backup power services:

With Ampco Electric’s backup power expertise, you’ll maintain continuous electricity to allow essential operations even during prolonged utility outages.

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Even robust commercial electrical systems require maintenance and repairs over time. Ampco Electric offers:

Preventative Maintenance

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

Common Repairs

You can rely on Ampco Electric’s expert technicians and 24/7 availability to maximize uptime and safety.

Electrical Sign Installation and Repair

Business signage is one of your most valuable marketing assets for attracting new customers. Ampco Electric offers full-service electrical sign installation and maintenance including:

New Sign Installation

Sign Repairs

We handle all aspects from permitting to final testing ensuring your signs make a bold visual impact while meeting local regulations. Keep signs performing reliably through proactive maintenance.

EV Charging Stations

Making EV charging available for employees and customers shows your business cares about providing sustainable solutions. Ampco Electric handles professional installation of Level 2 and DC fast charging equipment.

Our EV charger installation services include:

With the convenience of onsite EV charging, you position your business for the future while benefiting the environment and community.

Why Choose Ampco Electric?

With numerous electrical contractors to choose from in the Tulsa area, what sets Ampco Electric apart as the premier choice for commercial and residential needs?

Impeccable Reputation

Our business thrives on outstanding word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied loyal customers across the Tulsa metro area. We take pride in doing the job right the first time and leaving clients thrilled with their electrical service experience.

Master Electrician Expertise

Our owner and lead electricians carry decades of hands-on experience having seen it all over 25+ years in the local area. You can trust Ampco Electric’s technicians have the knowledge and capabilities to handle any residential or commercial electrical project.

Rapid 24/7 Emergency Response

We understand electrical issues arise at the most inconvenient times outside normal hours. Ampco Electric provides guaranteed emergency electrical services 24/7 for nights, weekends and holidays. Our on-call electricians can promptly resolve urgent issues when keeping the lights on can’t wait.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Ampco Electric stays current on the latest electrical codes along with new technologies in lighting, automation, backup power, surge protection and more. We utilize only proven state-of-the-art products and methods for optimal reliability, efficiency and safety.

Meticulous Clean-Up

You’ll appreciate how Ampco Electric protects your property and minimizes mess. We take care to avoid damaging landscaping, interior finishes, or furnishings. Our crews thoroughly clean the workspace when done.

Dedicated Safety Protocols

Safety is paramount in all we do. Our electricians follow stringent protocols for safe procedures, protective gear, fall prevention, and accident avoidance on the job. We maintain an outstanding safety record thanks to this disciplined focus.

Exceptional Value

As a leading local firm in business for over 25 years, Ampco Electric provides very reasonable pricing without sacrificing quality expertise or materials. We offer competitive quotes tailored to your specific electrical project needs.

Ampco Electric Provides a Full Range of Electrical Services:

Residential Electrical

Commercial Electrical

24/7 Emergency Service

Smart Home Automation

Free Estimates

Our master electricians provide free consultations and detailed quotes for any residential or commercial project. We look forward to discussing your needs and devising an optimal electrical solution.

Contact Ampco Electric Today!

To schedule residential or commercial electrical contracting services from Ampco Electric’s team of dedicated experts, call 918-775-3281 or contact us online today. We serve customers across the greater Tulsa metro area.