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Tulsa Electrical Safety Audits

Protect What Matters Most with a Comprehensive Electrical Safety Audit

Your family’s safety and your property’s protection should be top priorities as a Tulsa home or business owner. Hidden electrical dangers lurk in many older buildings, threatening your loved ones, customers, and valuable assets. Don’t let faulty wiring, outdated panels, overloaded circuits, or improper installations put you at risk.


Ampco Electric offers Tulsa homeowners and businesses complete peace of mind through our highly detailed electrical safety audits. For over 20 years, we have helped identify and resolve the most common electrical hazards before catastrophe strikes.

Our master electricians use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and proven testing methods to thoroughly evaluate your entire electrical system. You’ll gain invaluable insights into your property’s electrical integrity and safety. We’ll pinpoint any deficiencies that need correction to optimize protection and compliance.

Invest in your family’s well-being and your property’s safety today by scheduling a comprehensive electrical safety audit with Ampco Electric. Our experts make it their mission to provide Tulsa homeowners and businesses with total electrical safety assurance.

Benefits of Ampco Electric's Safety Audits for Tulsa Homes & Businesses

A professional electrical safety audit delivers many benefits:

Prevent Fires Before They Ignite

Electrical faults cause over 40,000 home fires per year nationwide. Identifying and fixing hidden risks like old wiring and overloaded circuits prevents devastation.

Avoid Electrocution and Injury

Improper electrical work leads to hundreds of deaths annually. Audits uncover hazards before they turn deadly.

Protect Sensitive Electronics

Prevent voltage irregularities from destroying expensive equipment like medical devices, servers, machinery, and appliances.

Save Money through Energy Efficiency

Electrical waste costs money. Audits detect efficiency opportunities to reduce electric bills.

Gain Documentation and Insurance Savings

Get documentation of your system’s safety, which may lower insurance premiums.

Ensure Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Audits keep your property compliant with licensing, certifications, codes, and regulations. Avoid penalties!

Enhance Property Value

Fixing safety issues improves home/building values when selling. Electrical audits facilitate this.

Achieve Peace of Mind

Ensure your electrical system meets the highest safety standards for your family or customers’ well-being.

Don’t risk safety – call Ampco Electric to schedule your Tulsa electrical audit today!

Ampco Electric's Safety Audit Uncovers Hidden Dangers

Tulsa homes and businesses often contain lurking electrical hazards traditional inspections fail to detect. At Ampco Electric, we dig deeper using advanced diagnostic tools and testing:

Infrared Scanning

Infrared cameras expose electrical faults and overheating behind walls, in wiring, and within equipment before they turn into fires.

Voltage Analysis

We ensure your electrical system provides optimal, stable voltage to protect sensitive electronics.

Load Testing

Wiring and devices are tested under full-load conditions to evaluate true safety and performance.

Grounding Inspection

Faulty grounding poses electrocution risks. We thoroughly inspect grounding for code compliance and integrity.

Connection Inspection

Loose electrical connections are fire starters. We inspect wiring, devices, and equipment for secure, tight connections.

Component Testing

We test receptacles, switches, breakers, fuses, and protective devices for proper, safe operation to prevent hazards.

Trust Ampco Electric’s master electricians to find dangers before catastrophe strikes. Call (918) 775-3281 now to schedule your safety audit!

Ampco Electric's Step-by-Step Electrical Safety Audit Process

A professional electrical safety audit delivers many benefits:

Planning & Coordination

We learn your needs, map out the audit plan, and coordinate access with minimal disruption.


Every wiring and electrical component is thoroughly examined for conformance to electrical codes and safety best practices.

Testing & Diagnostics

We perform critical tests like grounding/bonding verification, GFCI/AFCI checks, load testing, and infrared scans to uncover risks.


The inspection and test data is evaluated to identify hazards, maintenance needs, capacity issues, and safety risks for correction.


We provide a detailed safety audit report explaining all findings and required fixes to mitigate risks.


Any urgent safety risks receive immediate correction. Other issues get systematically repaired by our experienced electricians.


You receive full records of repairs made, hazards mitigated, and remaining maintenance needs for improved safety.

Ongoing Follow-Up

We offer continued re-inspections and electrical safety maintenance tailored to your property’s demands.

Trust our proven process to deliver maximum electrical safety for your home or business. Call Ampco Electric today at (918) 775-3281 to get started!

Common Electrical Safety Risks Found in Tulsa Home & Business Audits

While each property is unique, some hazardous electrical conditions are routinely uncovered in Tulsa electrical safety audits:

Damaged, Outdated, or Hazardous Wiring

Old degraded wiring like aluminum, knob-and-tube, and cloth-wrapped poses high fire and shock risks and must be replaced. Our audits look for aging wiring issues.

Overloaded Circuits and Insufficient Capacity

Increased electrical usage can overload wires, breakers, and transformers as homes age. We ensure your system has sufficient capacity for your needs.

Corroded and Unsecured Electrical Connections

Loose wiring and corroded contacts create “hot spots” that can ignite fires. We tighten and replace aged, damaged connections.

Incorrect Use of Extension Cords and Power Strips

Improper use of temporary extensions instead of permanent wiring is unsafe. Our audits look for this dangerous misuse.

Faulty Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Defective circuit breakers and blown fuses prevent proper overcurrent protection. We test and correct breaker and fuse issues.

Missing GFCI and AFCI Protection

Lack of ground fault (GFCI) and arc fault (AFCI) protection poses serious shock and fire risks that must be corrected.

Inadequate Grounding and Bonding

Improper system grounding and bonding leads to potential shock hazards. We thoroughly inspect your grounding for safety.

Let our Tulsa electricians identify the deficiencies jeopardizing your home or business’s safety today! Call Ampco Electric at (918) 775-3281 to schedule your electrical safety audit.

Ampco Electric Brings Unmatched Experience to Tulsa Electrical Safety Audits

With over 20 years serving Tulsa, OK, Ampco Electric offers:

Trusted Electrical Safety Expertise

Our Tulsa electricians have performed thousands of successful safety audits and upgrades optimizing local homes and businesses.

Advanced Diagnostic Technology

We use infrared cameras, harmonic analyzers, power quality meters, and other tech to uncover risks beyond visual inspections.

Master Electrician Experience

Our team consists of highly experienced master electricians, not basic technicians, for elite-level expertise.

Continuing Education

We maintain up-to-date electrical safety training and knowledge to identify emerging hazards.

Leading Safety Certifications

Our electricians hold esteemed NABCEP, CEM, and BPI certifications for proven competency.

Full Licensing and Insurance

We carry all required electrical licenses, bonding, and insurance for legal compliance and your protection.

For the highest quality Tulsa electrical safety audits, trust the experience of Ampco Electric’s master electricians. Call (918) 775-3281 now to get started!

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets with Ampco Electric

Your family and your property are irreplaceable. Don’t let outdated and dangerous electrical systems put them at risk! Take control of your electrical safety with a comprehensive audit from Ampco Electric. Our experts will systematically inspect every component, use advanced diagnostics, recommend repairs, and provide ongoing maintenance to keep electrical hazards away. Call (918) 775-3281 today to schedule your Tulsa electrical safety audit with Ampco Electric!