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Tulsa electrical maintenance

Ampco Electric is Your Trusted Partner for Electrical Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

At Ampco Electric, we understand the critical importance of professional electrical maintenance for both homes and businesses in Tulsa, OK. Regular inspections, testing, and repairs by our experienced electricians help prevent electrical fires, electrocution hazards, power failures, and expensive emergency repairs down the road.

Over the past decade, we’ve provided a full range of premium electrical maintenance services to keep customers across metro Tulsa running safely and efficiently. Our team of licensed electricians follows rigorous maintenance procedures and always takes a proactive approach to identify potential electrical issues before they become serious problems.

Why Routinely Maintain Your Electrical Systems?

Too many homeowners and businesses put off electrical maintenance until problems arise. However, lacking proper maintenance can lead to:

Our master electricians can promptly fix any issues or code violations found during your inspection to restore safety and proper functioning of your electrical system. We handle all repairs, upgrades and improvements, including:

Regular maintenance prevents these issues by detecting and addressing problems early. Your electrician can spot deficiencies and recommend repairs before a failure or catastrophe occurs.

Residential Electrical Maintenance Services

Ampco Electric offers comprehensive electrical maintenance for Tulsa area homes. We thoroughly inspect, test, and service all of the electrical systems throughout your property. 

Some of our extensive residential maintenance services include:

Invest in safety and peace of mind for your property with a professional electrical inspection from Ampco Electric. We’ve performed thousands across the Tulsa metro area since 2005.

How Often Should You Get Electrical Maintenance?

Most homes require full electrical inspections and maintenance every 3-5 years by a qualified electrician. However, Ampco Electric can recommend the ideal frequency for your specific home based on:

We’ll provide a written maintenance report after each visit indicating when your next maintenance is recommended. Let us know anytime electrical work is done so we can update your home’s maintenance requirements.

As homes age or see heavy use, annual maintenance is advisable. Old wiring, outdated panels, and continually tripping breakers are signs you need more frequent inspections. Contact us anytime you notice any peculiar electrical behaviors, smells, or warning signs.

Electrical Repairs Often Identified During Maintenance

While performing standard maintenance for homes in Tulsa, our professional electricians frequently discover issues needing immediate repair for safety:

Performing repairs when problems are small avoids catastrophic failures down the road. We always discuss recommended repairs and pricing upfront before any work is started.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance Services

Ampco Electric provides specialized maintenance services tailored for commercial buildings, offices, retail stores, apartments, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities throughout the Tulsa metro area.

Keeping your business electrical systems running optimally minimizes costly downtime. Our licensed electricians can create custom preventive maintenance plans with regularly scheduled multi-point inspections to keep your property safe, code compliant, and energy efficient.

Services we provide for commercial clients include:

  • Infrared Thermal Scans – We use advanced IR cameras to scan electrical systems for hot spots and defective connections before failures occur. Thermal scans can detect problems inside walls and panels.
  • Breaker Testing & Maintenance – All breakers are tested for proper overload tripping. Connections are re-tightened and any faulty breakers are replaced immediately.
  • Emergency Lighting Inspections – Monthly or quarterly checks of emergency lighting, exit signs, and backup systems to verify proper operation and replace batteries as required.
  • Regular Safety Inspections – Our electricians thoroughly inspect wiring, devices, equipment, disconnects, and lighting fixtures for damage, wear, and code issues.
  • Dedicated Computer Circuitry – We install dedicated, isolated electrical circuits with surge protection for sensitive electronics and network equipment.
  • EV Charging Station Installation – With growing EV use, we handle permitting, installation, and maintenance for commercial EV charging systems.
  • Electrical Distribution System Upgrades – We upgrade wiring, panels, breakers, and meter stacks to add capacity and reliability for growing businesses.


Let us design a custom electrical maintenance plan that fits your facility’s needs and local/state commercial codes. We also offer 24/7 emergency electrical service.

Maintain Reliable Power

Watch for these warning signs that it’s time to call Ampco Electric for a thorough maintenance inspection:

  • Frequent tripping of breakers or blown fuses
  • Lights dimming, flickering or burning out often
  • Receptacles that feel warm or stop working
  • Buzzing, sizzling or popping noises from outlets
  • Tingling sensation when touching appliances
  • Unexplained computer crashes or device failures
  • Having to frequently reset digital clocks
  • Flickering lights and electronics after storms

Don’t ignore these symptoms of underlying electrical issues. Minor problems can quickly escalate into major hazards if maintenance is neglected. Contact our experts to inspect and resolve small problems before they require expensive repairs.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance Services

Ampco Electric’s Tulsa electricians have the training, experience, and commitment to safety required for superior electrical maintenance services.

Maintenance Plans for Every Need and Budget

Ampco Electric offers flexible electrical maintenance plans to meet your specific requirements:

Your assigned master electrician will get to know your electrical systems inside and out. Contact us to discuss the ideal maintenance approach for your home or business.

Trust Tulsa's Most Experienced Electrical Maintenance Experts

Don’t take chances with your family’s safety and property. Ampco Electric’s expertise and full range of services keep electrical systems running their best for decades. Contact us today at 918-775-3281 for your free quote on electrical maintenance. Our master electricians are ready to help protect your most valuable investment!