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Tulsa industrial electrical services

Trusted Industrial Electrical Services in Tulsa

For over 25 years, Ampco Electric has been the leading expert in industrial electrical services for manufacturers, warehouses, plants, and commercial facilities in Tulsa. Our team of highly trained and licensed electricians have the expertise to handle any type of industrial electrical project from routine maintenance to large-scale upgrades and expansions. We are committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship while keeping your business running safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Comprehensive Electrical Solutions for Industrial Facilities

Ampco Electric provides a complete range of electrical services to meet the diverse needs of industrial facilities of any size and scope.

Power Distribution Systems

We handle all aspects of power distribution system design, installation, and maintenance:

Main service equipment

We install any size service from 600A to 15kV to reliably meet your facility’s demand. This includes switchboards, switchgear, and motor control centers.


We size, select, and install dry-type or liquid-filled transformers to step voltage up or down as required. This includes buck-boost transformers.


We install panelboards and disconnect switches to distribute power through branch circuits to equipment, lighting, and receptacles throughout your facility.


For flexibility we use busway plug-in raceway for distributing large blocks of power to multiple loads down the line.

Harmonic mitigation

Using active or passive harmonic filters, we eliminate harmonics that can cause overheating and interfere with equipment.

Power monitoring

We install power monitoring systems to give you data about system health, power quality, and pinpoint issues.

Emergency backup generators

We handle generator and ATS installations for standby or peak shaving applications to ensure uptime.

Surge protective devices

Our SPDs safeguard your system from damaging transient voltage surges that occur regularly.

By optimizing your power distribution system, we ensure reliable delivery of clean, uninterrupted electricity throughout your facility.

Industrial Lighting Design and Installation

Proper lighting is essential for safe and efficient industrial facilities. Our lighting services include

LED lighting

We convert outdated HID and fluorescent systems to energy efficient, long-lasting LEDs. This reduces energy costs by 50-70% while enhancing visibility and safety.

Occupancy/Daylight sensors

Our lighting controls reduce energy waste by dimming or turning off lights when not in use. This generates additional cost savings beyond LED efficiency.

High bay lighting

We install LED high bays ideal for warehouses up to 40 feet high. Features include motion sensors, daylight harvesting and programmable dimming controls.

Hazardous location lighting

We safely install lighting systems certified for hazardous areas including paint booths, chemical/oil storage, battery rooms and petrochemical facilities per NEC guidelines.

Exterior lighting

We design LED exterior lighting to enhance security, safety, create a professional appearance, and comply with local regulations for your facility grounds.

Emergency and exit lighting

We maintain proper egress lighting and backups so personnel can safely exit in a power outage. Exit signs are illuminated 24/7.

With optimized lighting, your facility will have enhanced visibility, lower costs, and a safer environment.

Machine and Equipment Wiring

We have extensive experience with industrial machine wiring and integration including:

We follow NFPA 79 standards to integrate your equipment electrically so it functions properly and safely.

Motor Control and Distribution

To keep your motors, drives, and machinery performing optimally, we provide:

We are Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley authorized and can service all major VFD brands like ABB, GE, Schneider, Siemens, etc.

Electrical System Upgrades

If your electrical system is outdated, insufficient, or unsafe, our electricians can provide upgrades including:

System upgrades can be scheduled during downtime periods to minimize productivity losses.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

With business continuity and safety concerns, we understand the urgency of emergency electrical service. Ampco Electric provides 24/7 emergency response including:

You can count on us anytime your facility experiences an electrical emergency.

Thermographic Inspections

We use thermographic imaging to inspect your electrical system, identifying “hot spots” and issues before they cause unplanned downtime. This allows you to address problems proactively.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team provides regularly scheduled electrical preventative maintenance including:

PM optimizes system reliability and lifespan while minimizing malfunctions.

Customized Solutions

Every facility has unique needs. We take time to understand your operations and challenges to develop customized electrical solutions that enhance safety, reliability and efficiency.

Why Ampco Electric is The Right Choice

With a sterling reputation built over decades, Ampco Electric is Tulsa’s most trusted name for industrial electrical services. When comparing us to other electrical contractors, here are key reasons to choose Ampco Electric:

Experienced Locally-Based Team

With our office in Tulsa, we have in-depth knowledge of local codes and work closely with city officials and inspectors to ensure compliance. Our 25+  years serving customers in the Tulsa area has honed our expertise in industrial work. We respond faster than out-of-town contractors.

24/7 Emergency Service

We have a seasoned team of electricians available around the clock to respond rapidly to any emergency and prevent prolonged downtime that costs your business money. You can rely on Ampco Electric anytime – 24/7/365.

Safety Obsessed

Your workers’ lives are priority #1. We adhere to the highest safety standards and spend ample time planning work thoroughly to prevent hazards. Our spotless safety track record gives you complete peace of mind.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While providing quality components that stand the test of time, we also recommend solutions like LEDs and VFDs that save substantially on long-term costs. You get the best ROI on your electrical investments.


With complete electrical service offerings, we can handle any project without needing separate contractors for lighting, power, motors, etc. This simplifies and streamlines the process for you.

Proven Track Record

Our extensive project resume working with prominent local companies substantiates the expertise, professionalism, and stellar results we deliver for clients. You know exactly what to expect.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Since our success hinges on satisfied customers and word-of-mouth referrals, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction on every project. We back up our work completely.

With this proven process performed by Tulsa’s top master electricians, we diagnose electrical issues thoroughly so the proper long-term repairs can begin right away. This minimizes disruption and downtime for your home or business.

Applications and Examples

To give you an idea of our capabilities, here are some examples of past industrial projects completed by Ampco Electric:

Distribution Center Lighting Retrofit

Converted 400,000 sq ft distribution center from outdated HID lighting to new LED fixtures. Improved light levels from 20 fc to 50 fc and reduced energy usage by 70%.

Motor Control Center Upgrade

Replaced outdated MCC to improve reliability and add capacity for new production line. Performed during a scheduled 2-day downtime to minimize disruption. Assembly Plant Rewire – Rewired an entire 100,000 sq ft assembly plant to bring it up to current NEC standards and accommodate new robotic machinery.

Oil Refinery Switchgear Retrofit

Replaced a 15kV switchgear feeding critical process loads to improve safety and reliability. Completed on a live system utilizing specialized switchgear. Machine Relocation – Disconnected, transported, and re-installed a critical bottling line machine in a new plant expansion area over a weekend to limit downtime.

Wastewater Plant Harmonics

Installed harmonic filters to eliminate harmonic distortion that was interfering with variable frequency drives at a wastewater facility.

Manufacturing Facility Power Upgrade

Upgraded service to 1200A and installed new transformers, switchgear, and distribution equipment to accommodate facility expansion.

Food Processing LEDs – Converted 20,000 sq ft food processing area from fluorescent to LEDs. Improved light quality and slashed energy usage by 65% which paid off investment in under a year.

This is just a sample of the thousands of successful industrial projects we have completed over the past 25+ years.

Start Your Project Today

For reliable industrial electrical solutions tailored for your facility, contact the experts at Ampco Electric today at 918-775-3281. We serve all of greater Tulsa and are ready to discuss your project – large or small.