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Tulsa Electrical Circuit Installation

Electrical Circuit Installation in Tulsa by Ampco Electric, Inc

Welcome to Ampco Electric, Inc, your trusted source for electrical circuit installation in Tulsa, OK. With experience, our master electricians have the expertise to handle any type of new circuit installation or upgrade residential and commercial clients require.

Why Choose Ampco Electric for Your Tulsa Electrical Circuit Installation?

Ampco Electric uses a systematic, multi-step process performed by highly experienced master electricians to troubleshoot all types of electrical wiring and equipment issues throughout the greater Tulsa area. Here is an overview of our electrical diagnostic process:

Local Team of Licensed Electricians

Our team consists of licensed, professional electricians living right here in the Tulsa area. We have an in-depth understanding of local electrical codes and regulations to ensure every circuit installation meets or exceeds city requirements.

Free Estimates on New Circuits

We provide free estimates on all new circuit installation projects so you know exactly what to expect cost-wise before work begins. Our transparent quotes outline the full scope of work so there are no surprises down the road.

Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience

Our electricians work around your schedule to minimize disruptions to your home or business. We know how inconvenient electrical upgrades can be and make the process as smooth as possible. 

Quality Electrical Materials & Components

For unrivaled safety and reliability, we exclusively install new electrical circuits using premium materials from trusted brands. This includes high-grade wiring, outlets, breakers, and other critical components.

Coupons and Specials for Tulsa Residents

New Tulsa customers can take advantage of our limited-time coupons and discounts for additional savings on electrical circuit installations. Contact us to learn more and take advantage of these exclusive offers.

Upfront, Competitive Pricing

We provide detailed upfront pricing so you can compare and make the best decision for your budget. As a local company, we offer very competitive rates on all types of circuit installation services.

Dedicated Project Management

A project manager will be dedicated to your job from start to finish. They will oversee the details, communicate frequently, and ensure you are 100% satisfied with the new circuits.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is always the #1 priority on all our electrical projects. We adhere to strict safety protocols and industry best practices so you can have peace of mind knowing your home or business is in good hands.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Each electrical circuit installation comes backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, we will address any issues at no additional cost.

Types of Electrical Circuits We Install

When you need dependable emergency electrical troubleshooting services in Tulsa, call the experts at Ampco Electric. As leading Tulsa electrical contractors for over 25 years, our master electricians have the proven expertise, advanced technology, and dedication to safety and satisfaction that it takes to accurately diagnose any residential, commercial, or industrial electrical issue.

Here are the key reasons Ampco Electric is the #1 choice for electrical troubleshooting services among Tulsa homeowners and businesses:

Single Phase 120V and 240V Circuits

Three Phase Circuits

Low Voltage Circuits

Other Specialty Circuits

Service Upgrades

Why Do You Need New or Upgraded Electrical Circuits in Tulsa?

There are a few common reasons Tulsa homeowners and businesses require new electrical circuit installations:

Insufficient Existing Circuits

Your home or building may simply not have enough circuits to meet its electrical needs. Some signs include:

Adding new 15/20 amp 120V circuits can alleviate capacity issues. We’ll evaluate your electrical load needs to determine how many additional circuits your home/business requires.

Circuit Upgrades for New Devices

You may need larger, higher capacity circuits to power new electrical appliances and equipment being added. For example:

We’ll install properly rated new circuits meeting manufacturer requirements.

Converting to Three Phase Power

Some equipment like industrial machinery, large motors, and data center servers require three phase power. We can install a new three phase electrical panel and run wiring to convert your existing single phase system over to 208V or 480V three phase power.

Outdated, Unsafe Electrical Wiring

Older homes can have outdated, insufficient, or improperly installed wiring that poses safety risks like overheating and fire. Upgrading internal wiring and circuits ensures your home’s electrical system meets modern safety standards. We’ll identify any deficiencies and recommend upgrades.

Smart Home Circuitry

Modern smart home systems require low voltage communication circuits connecting smart devices like voice assistants, security systems, lighting controls, and more. We can install custom low voltage cabling routed through walls for seamless smart home integration.

Opening a New Business

When opening a new commercial facility, additional electrical circuits will always be required for powering office equipment, machinery, signage, communications systems, etc. We work with contractors and business owners to install all necessary electrical circuits when constructing new buildings.

How to Determine If You Need New Electrical Circuits

Here are some signs it may be time to add new circuits to your Tulsa home or business:

Frequent circuit breaker tripping

This is the #1 sign existing circuits are overloaded and you need additional capacity.

Flickering lights

Visible dimming/flickering when multiple devices are drawing power indicates your system can’t deliver sufficient electricity.

GFCI or AFCI breakers tripping

If these special “fault protection” breakers trip frequently, your wiring could be unsafe.

Scorch marks/melting

Discoloration or melting around receptacles and switches can indicate potentially dangerous wiring issues.

Buzzing electrical panels/outlets

This buzz or hum is caused by excess electrical resistance and a sign upgrades are needed.

Unable to add new electrical devices

If you want to install a new appliance or equipment but lack the proper circuitry, new circuits will be required.

Smart home technology

Modern systems like voice control, security systems, and home automation require low voltage communication wiring.

Electric vehicle charging

EV chargers require dedicated 240V circuits. If considering an EV, have us install the electrical infrastructure ahead of time.

Major remodeling

Any significant kitchen or bath remodel, addition, or basement finishing will likely require running new circuits. Plan accordingly.

If you notice any combination of the above issues, it’s wise to schedule a circuit evaluation by our professional electricians. We’ll thoroughly inspect your electrical system and provide circuit upgrade recommendations tailored to your home or business needs.

Electrical Circuit Installation Process

Here is an overview of what a typical new circuit installation project from Ampco Electric entails:

Initial Site Evaluation

Consultation to understand your power needs/issues and project goals. We’ll provide preliminary recommendations and outline next steps.

In-Depth Electrical Inspection

Thorough inspection of your existing electrical system, including panel, wires, and devices on affected circuits.

Custom circuit design

Based on your requirements, we’ll design optimal circuit layout specifying the wire gauge, voltage, amperage, and overcurrent protection needed.

Permits & approvals

We’ll acquire all necessary permits and ensure circuit plans meet NEC (National Electric Code) standards and local regulations.

Circuit installation

Running new wires through walls/ceiling and installing all required components like breakers, receptacles, junction boxes, switches, etc.

Connection to panel

Connecting the new circuit wiring to the appropriate 120V or 240V breakers in your main electrical service panel.

Testing & inspection

Once installation is complete, we thoroughly test each circuit for proper operation, and correct any issues.


You’ll receive documentation detailing the new circuits with a circuit directory and panel labeling.

Frequently Asked Questions about Upgrading Electrical Panels in Tulsa, OK

We get a lot of common questions from Tulsa area homeowners and business owners about upgrading their electrical panels. Here are some quick answers:

Contact Us for a Free Quote on Your Electrical Circuit Installation

For a free detailed quote on installing new electrical circuits for your Tulsa home or business, call (918) 775-3281 or contact us online to schedule service! Our master electricians will thoroughly evaluate your electrical needs and design optimal circuit upgrades. We handle the entire permitting and installation process so you don’t have to worry. Call Ampco Electric today for superior electrical circuit installation services in Tulsa.