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Tulsa Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Welcome to Ampco Electric, Inc.’s landscape lighting services page. With the years of experience enhancing Tulsa homes and businesses with custom lighting designs, our team has the expertise to illuminate your outdoor space beautifully and functionally. Read on to learn more about our landscape lighting capabilities and how we can transform your property.

Comprehensive Landscape Lighting Services for Tulsa Residential and Commercial Properties

Our electrical contractors provide a full range of landscape lighting services, making us the premier choice for properties across Tulsa.

Residential Landscape Lighting

We specialize in crafting breathtaking lighting designs for Tulsa homes. From small accent lights to elaborate schemes involving dozens of fixtures, our residential landscape lighting services include:

Commercial Landscape Lighting

We also have extensive experience lighting retail centers, offices, hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, entertainment venues, HOAs, apartment complexes, and more. Our commercial landscape lighting services include:

No matter the landscape lighting project, our Tulsa electrical team has the skills, experience, and equipment to execute it beautifully.

Benefits of Professional Landscape Lighting

Upgrading your Tulsa property with thoughtfully designed landscape lighting delivers numerous rewards:

By investing in professional landscape lighting, you can transform your Tulsa property from ordinary to extraordinary after sunset.

Landscape Lighting Design from Tulsa's Top Team

Our electrical contractors don’t just install landscape lights – we create fully integrated lighting schemes customized for each client’s space, needs, tastes, and goals.

Our lighting design process includes:


We spend time understanding how you use your property after dark, your vision for the lighting, and challenges to address such as steep terrain or large areas. We determine lighting priorities, assess electrical service capacity, and gather all information to craft the perfect lighting plan.

System design

Next, we strategically map out fixture types, locations, intensity, and more based on your landscape architecture, structures, vegetation, and other features. Light layering creates depth, balance, and visual interest. Careful angles highlight architectural details. The lighting complements the property’s style.

Lighting proposal

You’ll receive a detailed lighting proposal outlining the system design, fixture types and locations, light colors, equipment, benefits, operating costs, pricing, and installation plan. We’ll revise the proposal until the design and budget meet your satisfaction.


Our skilled Tulsa electrical contractors then professionally install your customized lighting system, ensuring all lights function optimally and wiring is discreetly placed. We obtain any required permits and manage the entire process from design to the final illuminating reveal.

Follow-up and maintenance

While our outdoor lighting systems are designed for longevity, we’re available for any fixture issues, additions, or design changes. Regular maintenance like bulb replacement preserves the system’s integrity so it continues showcasing your landscape beautifully year after year.

For start-to-finish landscape lighting services you can trust, choose the experts at Ampco Electric, Inc.

Landscape Lighting Fixtures to Illuminate Your Tulsa Property

The key to an artful, cohesive lighting design is choosing the right fixtures for each application on your property. Our Tulsa landscape lighting team possesses extensive knowledge of outdoor light types, styles, mountings, placements, lumens, beam angles, and the optimal lights for every space.

Fixtures we recommend and install include:

We select lighting tailored for the specific demands of commercial and residential spaces. Our experts also advise on fixtures that align with your budget.

Landscape Lighting Services FAQs

We know you likely have plenty of questions about enhancing your Tulsa property with landscape lighting. Here we answer some of the most common questions we hear from local clients:

Absolutely. Well-designed landscape lighting can increase a home's value by 5-15%. Not only does lighting extend outdoor living space into nighttime, but curb appeal and a welcoming, upscale ambiance also command higher prices. Commercial lighting attracts more customers and makes businesses look more successful. The investment pays off when selling.

Let Ampco Electric, Inc. Illuminate Your Tulsa Landscape

Hopefully this overview gives you ideas of how strategically designed landscape lighting by Ampco Electric can greatly enhance the experience, function, beauty, and value of your property or business.

Our Tulsa electrical contractors have over 15 years bringing clients’ unique lighting visions to life throughout the city. We handle outdoor lighting projects of all sizes and complexity with professionalism, artistry, attention to detail, and exceptional service.

Want to learn more or discuss your landscape lighting dreams for your home or business? Contact us today at (918) 775-3281 for a free quote! Our team looks forward to meeting with you to start planning the ideal lighting.