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Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency Lighting Installation in Tulsa, OK

As a top electrical contractor serving the area for over 25 years, Ampco Electric understands the importance of emergency lighting. When power goes out unexpectedly, emergency lights illuminate paths of egress and provide critical visibility. We offer complete emergency lighting installation services for both residential and commercial properties.

Why Install Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting provides key benefits:

Illuminates Evacuation Routes

Emergency lights mark pathways to safely exit buildings during outages. This prevents falls or becoming trapped. We install emergency fixtures with optimal lumens to light stairwells, doorways, hallways, and passageways enabling safe evacuation.

Enhances Safety

Emergency lighting allows occupants to safely move around and exit premises, improving safety. Our installers consider mounting locations and light distributions to maximize visibility for walking during power failures.

Provides Visibility for Shut Down Procedures

Some commercial/industrial equipment requires shut down procedures to avoid damage. Emergency lights facilitate this process. We consult on placing lights near essential control panels, switches, and machinery.

Helps Guide First Responders

Emergency personnel rely on lighting to navigate buildings and assist occupants during response calls. We design emergency lighting to aid police, fire, and EMTs.

Offers Backup Power Automatically

Emergency lights switch on automatically when standard lights lose power, providing backup illumination. Self-contained battery units require no manual intervention to activate.

Satisfies Legal Requirements

Most commercial buildings are legally required to maintain emergency lighting for worker and occupant safety. Our installations meet all local codes and ordinances.

Allows Building Re-Entry After Evacuation

Once hazards are cleared post-outage, emergency lights allow staff to re-enter and resume operations. We install rear entry and parking area lights.

Protects Inventory and Assets

Sufficient lighting deters opportunistic theft and accidents during outages. We place lights to illuminate merchandise and high-value items.

Prevents Panic

Low light during outages can cause anxiety or panic. Adequate emergency light takes this factor into account for occupant well-being.

Limits Liability

Insufficient emergency lighting opens organizations to liability risks if injuries occur in dark facilities. Compliant lighting limits this liability.

Where Is Emergency Lighting Essential?

While recommended in all buildings, key areas to install emergency lighting include:

  • Exits and Stairwells – Illuminate paths allowing occupants to safely exit. Stairwells require lighting on each landing.
  • Hallways and Passageways – Light the way as occupants walk to exits. Long hallways may require multiple emergency lights.
  • Large Common Rooms – Keep lobbies, recreation rooms, cafeterias, etc. lit during outages for safe navigation.
  • Restrooms – Prevent slips or injuries due to lack of lighting. Restrooms still in use during outages require emergency fixtures.
  • Utility Rooms – Provide visibility for required shut-down processes for electrical/gas systems and data centers.
  • Parking Areas – Guide occupants walking to vehicles or additional building exits.
  • Kitchens – Help avoid fires or burns at commercial stoves/ovens. Residential kitchen island lighting is ideal.
  • First Aid Stations – Assist medical responders in treating patients.
  • Security Monitoring Areas – Let guards maintain video surveillance during power failures.
  • Server Rooms – Safely allow IT staff to shut down servers if the UPS is overwhelmed.
  • Loading Docks – Illuminate areas where workers fulfill orders and shipments during outages.
  • Elevators – Provide minimal light for passengers stuck until fire department rescue.
  • Generator Rooms – Let staff access generators to restore backup power as needed.

Compliant Emergency Lighting Solutions

Ampco Electric offers code-compliant installations of reliable, high-quality emergency lighting solutions. Options we recommend include:

Emergency Backup Ballasts

We install emergency ballasts that automatically switch fluorescent lights to battery backup power when the main lights go out. These will maintain fluorescent illumination for 90 minutes.

Emergency LED Drivers

LED fixtures can connect to emergency LED drivers that supply battery power to keep lights operational for hours when electricity is cut. Drivers are more reliable than bulbs.

Emergency Spotlights

For key areas, we recommend compact emergency spotlights containing built-in batteries that automatically power high-lumen LED lamps during outages. These provide directed light where needed most.

Emergency Battery Packs

Battery packs can be installed to convert standard light fixtures into emergency lights that continue working when the power fails. Many fixtures are compatible with external packs.

Emergency Battery-Powered Lights

Self-contained emergency lights feature batteries integrated directly into the fixture to provide autonomous operation for 1-4 hours after power loss. No wiring necessary.

Exit Signs

Exit signs with battery backup illumination mark egress routes when standard lighting goes dark. Exit signs should last a minimum of 90 minutes on battery.

Emergency Remote Heads

Also called emergency unit equipment (EUE), these battery-powered remote lamp heads connect into fixtures on normal power and detach to become portable emergency lights when needed.

Inverter Systems

Inverters connect battery banks to building wiring to power certain lights during outages. We determine appropriate batteries for extended operation.

Emergency Transfer Switches

Transfer switches automatically redirect power from main circuits to emergency circuits for backup lighting during outages.

Central Inverters

Similar to transfer switches, we can also install centralized emergency inverters supplying backup power to an entire lighting circuit.

Decorative Emergency Lighting

For upscale interiors, decorative emergency lights blend unobtrusively into the décor while providing vital backup illumination.

Professional Emergency Lighting Installation

Ampco Electric is here to handle your emergency lighting installation project safely, compliantly, and efficiently. Our services include:

  • Site evaluation to determine ideal emergency lighting locations based on room size, entryways, hazards, etc.
  • Inventory of existing lighting systems, exit routes, and occupant behaviors/needs during power loss
  • Compliance analysis with national (NEC), local building codes, and facility type ordinances
  • Design of optimal emergency lighting plan tailored to your space, needs, and budget
  • AutoCAD layouts showing exact fixture locations and coverage areas
  • Mounting height calculations for maximum illumination on walking surfaces
  • Fixture and battery backup selection best suited for each space based on lumens, runtime, and features
  • Load analysis of existing circuits to incorporate emergency lighting loads
  • Dedicated circuit wiring if existing circuits lack capacity for added emergency lights
  • Full installation of all emergency lighting components by licensed electricians
  • Integration of emergency lighting controls into existing systems
  • Testing and adjustments during installation to optimize operation and coverage
  • Instructions for proper maintenance, battery replacement, and disposal
  • As-built drawings detailing the final emergency lighting installation
  • Warranty and service plan options for installed emergency lighting systems

For a free design consultation and estimate on upgrading your building with code-compliant emergency lighting, contact the experts at Ampco Electric today! Our lighting designers will create an emergency solution tailored to your needs.

Emergency Lighting Codes and Standards

Ampco Electric installs all emergency lighting in full compliance with applicable codes and standards:

Life Safety Code (NFPA 101)

Details requirements for illumination of means of egress under emergency conditions. Our designs meet or exceed all NFPA 101 lighting requirements.


Defines emergency lighting circuits under Article 700 and illumination standards under Article 517. We adhere to NFPA 70 guidelines.

OSHA Standards

Federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration requirements for emergency lighting are integrated into our designs.


We comply with emergency lighting specifications outlined in International Building Code, Fire Code, and Residential Code.

State Codes

Our home state has adopted emergency lighting requirements we follow for installing compliant systems.

Local City/County Ordinances

Many jurisdictions enforce additional emergency lighting rules we incorporate into lighting plans.

ADA Standards

Our designs provide illumination compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for the visually impaired.

Department of Energy Luminaire Efficacy Ratings

We select high-efficacy emergency lighting fixtures exceeding DOE luminaire efficacy standards for energy efficiency.

By satisfying all relevant emergency lighting codes, our installations meet the highest safety standards. We ensure completed projects pass any jurisdictional inspections and audits as well.

Emergency Lighting Design Considerations

Ampco Electric’s 25+ years of experience allows us to make emergency lighting recommendations tailored to your unique environment. Design factors we consider include:

Occupancy Type

Office buildings, schools, hospitals, high-rises, and assembly spaces all have distinct emergency lighting needs we account for.

Room Dimensions

The size and ceiling height of spaces dictate the luminosity needed for adequate emergency illumination.

Shelves & Obstacles

We adjust placement to illuminate obstacles like shelving and machinery that can block egress when dark.


Natural light during daytime outages may reduce the emergency lighting load needed in perimeter spaces.

Wall Reflectivity

The amount of light reflected in a space impacts the emergency lighting required. Dark paint absorbs more light.

Power Supply

Wired fixtures, remote units, and battery-powered lights have different voltage and wiring needs.

Fixture Styles

The variety of fixture types, including surface mount, recessed, and suspended models, provide flexibility.

Run Times

Areas needing illumination for extended outage periods necessitate lights with extra battery capacity.


Accessible fixtures simplify mandated testing and battery swaps. We recommend suitable models.


For upscale spaces, we specify refined emergency lights complementing the interior design.


We’ll design an optimal system balancing performance and costs based on your project budget and goals.

Factoring in these elements allows us to prepare a custom emergency lighting plan matching your facility’s unique requirements.

Emergency Lighting Controls

Proper controls are key to emergency lighting system effectiveness. We install intelligent controls providing robust functionality:

  • Automatic Activation – Fixtures automatically switch to battery backup when normal lighting cuts off.
  • Testing/Diagnostics – We include automated monthly testing to validate operation and battery charge.
  • Central Monitoring – Networked fixtures can be remotely monitored and controlled from a central dashboard.
  • Zoned Lighting – Different emergency modes can be activated for specific building zones.
  • Scene Control – Programmed lighting “scenes” set customized levels per space and event.
  • Load Shedding – Non-essential lighting loads can be automatically shut off to extend egress lighting.
  • Remote Access – Web/mobile apps allow checking status and controlling fixtures remotely.
  • Activity-Based Control – Occupancy and daylight sensors adjust emergency lighting needs accordingly.
  • Integration – We incorporate emergency circuits into master lighting control systems for consolidated control.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

To keep your emergency lighting functioning reliably when needed most, Ampco Electric offers complete maintenance and support services:

Battery Replacement

We proactively replace batteries reaching end of estimated life to maintain runtimes.


Our technicians perform code-required functional testing of emergency lights at least annually.


We check fixture status and battery voltages monthly to catch any developing issues.


Any damaged or non-functional emergency lighting components are promptly repaired by our team.


 As improvements become available, we can upgrade your obsolete emergency lighting models.

Support Contracts

Ongoing maintenance contracts provide discounted rates for replacement batteries, repairs, and testing.

Status Reports

You receive current status reports detailing testing results and recommended actions.


We properly recycle expired batteries and lighting products.

Why Ampco Electric for Emergency Lighting?

With Ampco Electric, you can trust that your emergency lighting system will be compliant, effective, and reliable when needed during power outages.

25+ Years Experience

Our extensive experience allows us to make expert recommendations tailored to your facility.

Licensed Electricians

All our installers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

Code Compliance

We adhere to all federal, state, and local emergency lighting codes and regulations.

Custom Designs

No pre-packaged solutions – we customize lighting placements and features for your unique space.

State-of-the-Art Products

We utilize only high-quality, reliable, long-lasting emergency lighting fixtures and components.

Complete Installation Services

We handle all aspects from layouts and wiring to final adjustments and user instructions.

Ongoing Support

Our maintenance services keep your system in top operating condition after installation.

Emergency Service

If your existing emergency lights fail, we dispatch electricians immediately 24/7 to restore operation.

Single Provider

Ampco Electric can manage the entire project from design to installation to maintenance for simplified management.

Contact our lighting specialists today to discuss how a code-compliant emergency lighting system can keep your facility illuminated and safe! Call us at 918-775-3281