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Tulsa electrical system design

Comprehensive Electrical System Design in Tulsa by Trusted Provider Ampco Electric

As an established and trusted electrical contractor serving Tulsa for over 25 years, Ampco Electric has unparalleled expertise in commercial, industrial and residential electrical system design. We offer comprehensive electrical system planning, engineering, installation, testing and ongoing support so you have an optimally performing electrical system tailored to your property’s unique needs.

Ampco Electric employs master electricians and electrical engineers with decades of combined experience designing robust electrical systems that meet or exceed all safety and performance standards. We handle projects of all sizes and complexity to deliver the safety, reliability, efficiency and innovation you expect. As your partner, we will expertly evaluate your goals, translate those into technical specifications, procure all necessary materials, manage installation, and provide continued post-project support.

Contact Ampco Electric today to get started on a customized electrical system design for your Tulsa property or facility.

Why Ampco Electric is the Top Choice for Electrical System Design in Tulsa

When you choose Ampco Electric as your electrical system design partner in Tulsa, you get unmatched expertise, quality and service.

Unrivaled Experience and Expertise

With over 25 years serving Tulsa, our electrical system designers and engineers have an unparalleled depth of expertise when it comes to both residential and commercial system design. We stay constantly up-to-date on the latest National Electrical Code (NEC) standards, innovations in electrical system technology, as well as new products and materials. You always get optimal recommendations tailored to your unique specifications.

Detailed Custom Designs

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to system design. Through comprehensive analysis of your property, needs and goals, we create a strategic design plan customized for you. This includes intelligent product selection, circuit and wiring optimization, placement of fixtures and outlets, lighting design, controls, and all other elements configured for peak safety, efficiency, aesthetics and convenience.

Skilled Project Management

Our experienced project managers oversee your system design from start to finish. This ensures seamless collaboration across our engineering, procurement, installation, and testing teams. We proactively communicate with you at every stage to avoid any surprises and keep your project on time and on budget.

Quality and Cost-Effective Sourcing

Through our partnerships with leading suppliers, we source all the necessary electrical system materials for your project at very competitive prices without sacrificing quality. We also leverage cost-effective labor to maximize value. Our buying power is an advantage we pass onto you.

Seamless Permitting and Inspections

We handle all the permitting paperwork and processes with the city of Tulsa to upgrade or install your new electrical system. We also manage all inspections to ensure your system passes with ease, saving you major hassle.

Safety-First Mindset

Safety is paramount in all our electrical work and especially system designs. We integrate safety principles into the project from start to finish including hazard prevention, fail-safes, high-quality materials, and strict adherence to NEC standards. This protects your property and most importantly, people.

Extensive Testing and Refinement

Upon completing installation of your electrical system, we thoroughly test all components and make any adjustments needed to optimize performance and functionality. We won’t hand over the system until we’ve confirmed it meets specifications.

Ongoing Service and Support

We provide full documentation of your system design along with warranties on products and labor. After the project, you can rely on Ampco Electric for any maintenance, upgrades or troubleshooting needed. We fully stand behind our work.

Electrical System Design Process and Capabilities

When you engage Ampco Electric for electrical system design and installation, we follow this in-depth process:

Initial Consultation

We meet with you on-site for a comprehensive needs assessment and project scoping. This allows us to evaluate your existing system if applicable, goals, challenges, and desired functionality. We then make initial recommendations on the optimal system design approach.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards

Our team performs meticulous measurement and analysis of your property’s size, layout, materials, electrical loads and other factors vital to the design. For commercial properties, we conduct in-depth lighting, wiring, and electrical load calculations.

Custom system planning and engineering

With a complete understanding of requirements, our electrical engineers create a strategic and detailed system design plan using the latest modeling software and tools. This includes schematics, circuit and wiring diagrams, lighting designs, product specifications, and installation blueprints tailored to your property’s space and needs.

Procurement of products and materials

We leverage our industry partnerships to source all necessary cables, wires, conduits, circuit breakers, panels, connectors, lighting fixtures, controls and other products needed for your system design. We optimize for both quality and cost-effectiveness.

Permits and compliance assurance

We handle all permits and submissions required by the city of Tulsa to upgrade or install your new electrical system. We ensure the design meets all applicable building codes and NEC standards for safety and compliance.

System installation

Our experienced and skilled electricians will then safely install your new electrical system according to the engineered design plans and specifications. We take care to protect your property and avoid any disruptions.

Testing and commissioning

Once installation is complete, we thoroughly test the system functionality, make any final adjustments to optimize performance, and run diagnostics to confirm the system is ready for service. We won’t sign off until you are 100% satisfied.

Documentation and warranties

We provide you with complete electrical system documentation including equipment manuals, plans, inspection reports, warranties, and support information for ongoing maintenance and expansion.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Our work doesn’t end at the project completion. We provide ongoing support if any issues arise with the system. We can also handle all maintenance and future upgrades as your needs grow or change down the road.

Residential Electrical System Design

Ampco Electric provides comprehensive electrical system design, upgrades and installation for all types and sizes of homes including:

Whether you are building a new home or upgrading an existing residential electrical system, our team of experts will design the optimal system tailored to your home’s size, floor plan, and functionality needs.

New Home Electrical System Design

If you are building a new home in Tulsa, proper electrical system design is a top priority. We start by reviewing your architectural plans and meeting with you to discuss your electrical requirements and dream home visions. Key considerations include:

With all your goals and needs defined, our electrical engineers design a robust and innovative residential electrical system optimized for both functionality and aesthetics. This includes:

We source all the necessary panels, wires, outlets, switches, lighting, and other materials from premium brands and manage delivery to your home site. Our team will then install your new electrical system with care and precision, thoroughly test it, and provide complete documentation. Investing in a new home electrical system designed by Ampco Electric provides safety, reliability, and expandability for years to come.

Upgrading Residential Electrical Systems

If your existing home’s electrical system is outdated, insufficient, or unreliable, Ampco Electric can perform a full system upgrade and redesign tailored to your family’s needs. We conduct a detailed inspection and analysis of your current residential electrical system including:

With the results of our inspection, we advise you on recommended upgrades whether they be a new main panel, new circuits, new wiring, added subpanels, or other improvements. Our system redesigns incorporate smart technologies and energy efficiency while fulfilling all NEC requirements. We obtain any necessary permits and manage the safe installation so your downtime is minimized. With an Ampco Electric residential electrical system upgrade, you gain safety, reliability and ample capacity to meet your home’s evolving power needs for decades. We also extend warranties giving you peace of mind.

Commercial Electrical System Design

Ampco Electric delivers advanced electrical system design, installation and project management services for all types and sizes of commercial buildings including:

We have extensive experience designing specialized commercial electrical systems tailored to your building’s usage needs while integrating smart technologies and the latest innovations.

New Building Electrical System Design

If you are constructing a new commercial building or facility in Tulsa, partnering with Ampco Electric early in the design process ensures your electrical systems are optimally engineered to match your space, application and capacity requirements. Our experts work closely with your architects, builders and other contractors to design a safe, robust and efficient electrical system that aligns with your construction plans and vision. Key design considerations include:

We design all upgrades to integrate seamlessly with your existing electrical infrastructure. You can count on minimal disruption to your operations. We also obtain any required permitting and ensure inspections go smoothly. Give your aging industrial electrical system new life with a tailored upgrade or retrofit from Ampco Electric.

Ampco Electric stays current on all National Electrical Code standards to ensure your new building’s system design exceeds legal and safety requirements. With our electrical engineering expertise, your new construction project benefits from an optimally designed electrical system that minimizes costs and operational disruptions for decades after building completion.

Retrofitting and Upgrading Electrical Systems

If you need to upgrade, expand or retrofit the electrical system of an existing commercial building in the Tulsa area, Ampco Electric can engineer and install the optimal system enhancements and improvements. We conduct a thorough inspection and analysis of your current electrical system to determine deficiencies and areas for improvement based on factors such as:

From this assessment, we advise you on the recommended upgrades whether it be an added subpanel, new circuits, wiring improvements, lighting design changes or other enhancements. We work within your timeframe and budgetary needs. With an Ampco Electric commercial electrical system upgrade or retrofit, your building gains safety, capacity, reliability and longevity. We also handle all permitting and ensure a smooth transition. Rely on our team for the optimal upgrade path to meet your changing needs.

Industrial Electrical System Design

Ampco Electric has significant experience designing robust, specialized electrical systems for industrial facilities including:

Industrial electrical demands vary greatly but share common needs for reliability, high capacity, hazard mitigation, and precision controls. Our team of electrical engineers and master electricians design industrial electrical systems tailored to your facility’s unique requirements.

New Facility Electrical System Design

For new industrial construction, Ampco Electric partners with you from the start to engineer an electrical system that fully supports your equipment, processes, and output levels for maximum safety, efficiency and reliability. Key aspects of your custom system design include:

By leveraging Ampco Electric’s expertise early in your new industrial facility plans, we can engineer an electrical system that cost-effectively powers all your production needs safely and efficiently. We source all required system components to complete the project on schedule. With stringent testing and commissioning, your system performs seamlessly from day one.

Upgrading and Retrofitting Electrical Systems

Over time as your processes grow and change, you may need added electrical capacity or modernization. Ampco Electric provides full-service industrial electrical system upgrades and retrofits tailored to your evolving power needs. We conduct an in-depth inspection of your current system to advise you on beneficial upgrades such as:

We design all upgrades to integrate seamlessly with your existing electrical infrastructure. You can count on minimal disruption to your operations. We also obtain any required permitting and ensure inspections go smoothly. Give your aging industrial electrical system new life with a tailored upgrade or retrofit from Ampco Electric.

Specialty Electrical System Design Services

In addition to traditional electrical distribution, wiring and circuitry, Ampco Electric provides design and integration services for specialized electrical and electronic systems including:

Backup and Emergency Power Systems

Lighting Systems

Alarm and Security Systems

Telecom and Data Systems

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Lightning and Surge Protection

Hazardous Locations

Ampco Electric’s expertise spans all facets of electrical system design. Contact us for any specialty system needs. Our extensive capabilities allow us to deliver truly comprehensive electrical system solutions.

Why Proper Electrical System Design Matters

Electrical systems are complex, and if not designed properly can present serious risks to safety and reliability. Ampco Electric’s certified electrical engineers follow strict design and engineering protocols to create robust systems tailored to your specific needs. The benefits of a comprehensive upfront system design include:

Maximum Safety

Our designs meet NEC to prevent hazards like fires, electrocution, shocks and equipment damage. We integrate warning systems and shutoffs.

Optimized Performance

Components are sized, configured and installed to meet your electrical demand needs for seamless operation.

Energy Efficiency

Advanced systems maximize efficiency through lighting design, controls, and load balancing to save on energy costs.

Reliability and Uptime

Quality components and proper installation translates to fewer failures or shutdowns.

Regulatory Compliance

We adhere to all local codes and NEC requirements to ensure your system passes inspection.

Enhanced Functionality

Newer system capabilities like smart home devices, lighting controls and EV charging improve convenience, capabilities and property value.

Longevity and Expandability

Systems designed by Ampco Electric can grow and adapt as your needs change in the years to come.

Professional Documentation

You receive complete system plans, manuals and warranties for ongoing management and maintenance.

Peace of Mind

Rigorous commissioning and warranties provide confidence in your electrical safety and performance.