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Tulsa Electrical Repair

Trusted Electrical Repair Services in Tulsa by Ampco Electric

For expert, code-compliant electrical repair services in Tulsa, Ampco Electric is the name to trust. No matter how small or large the issue, our master electricians have the experience, training, and commitment to quality needed to get your electrical system safely up and running again.

Why Choose Ampco Electric for Electrical Repairs in Tulsa?

With over 25 years serving Tulsa residential and commercial clients, Ampco Electric is the proven choice for reliable electrical repairs.

Highly Trained & Experienced Repair Technicians

Our electricians complete extensive training and regular professional development to perform electrical work properly and safely. Many hold industry certifications such as:
By combining classroom learning with years of hands-on experience, our electricians can accurately assess problems and fix electrical issues right the first time. No apprentices or subcontractors – you’ll always receive service from highly-skilled staff electricians.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Technology

We use the latest diagnostic tools and technology to locate the source of electrical issues for proper repairs, including:
Thanks to these digital diagnostic tools, we don’t have to guess causes or use trial-and-error repairs. We can zero in on electrical issues for efficient, accurate repairs.

24/7 Rapid Emergency Electrical Service

If you experience a disruptive electrical failure, Ampco Electric can respond rapidly day or night. Our after-hours on-call electricians are available nights, weekends, and holidays to quickly resolve emergency electrical problems and safely restore power.

Transparent, Upfront Pricing

After diagnosing issues, we’ll explain recommended repairs and provide a detailed estimate so you know what to expect cost-wise. No inflated quotes or surprise add-ons – just honest electricians and fair prices.

Dedicated Focus on Safety

Electrical repair work can be hazardous if proper precautions aren’t taken. But you can have confidence knowing our electricians rigorously implement:
Safety for you, your family, your home, and our technicians is Ampco Electric’s top priority for every electrical project, large or small.

Warranties on Electrical Repairs

We stand behind our workmanship and use high-quality materials from trusted brands. You’ll receive written warranties on parts and labor ranging from 1-5 years depending on the repair’s complexity.

Stellar Customer Service

The Ampco Electric team provides friendly, professional service and expert repairs tailored to your needs. Our electricians respect your home, listen to your electrical concerns, answer questions clearly, and leave the site cleaner than when we arrived.

Residential Electrical Repair Services We Offer

From minor fixes to complete rewiring, Ampco Electric handles all types of residential electrical repairs throughout Tulsa. Common requests include:

Fixing Electrical Wiring Problems

Faulty wiring can lead to electric shocks, fires, or electrocution without warning. Warning signs include:
Our technicians will isolate and repair damaged wiring and connections throughout your home’s electrical system. We’ll replace compromised sections and restore power safely.

Electrical Surge Repairs

Power surges can destroy sensitive electronics and wiring. We’ll find where surges entered your system, replace burnt wiring and devices, and install whole-home surge protectors if needed.

Upgrading Outlets & Switches

We upgrade outdated or damaged outlets, switches, cover plates, and junction boxes to fix issues and meet modern safety codes. This includes:

Correcting Grounding & Bonding Issues

Improper grounding puts you at risk of shocks and electrocution. We thoroughly inspect grounding and bonding connections to ensure proper resistance levels according to NEC standards. Any issues get corrected.

Fixing Electrical Panel Problems

Signs of faulty breaker boxes include buzzing sounds, overheating, or frequent tripped breakers. Our electricians will replace damaged breakers, bus bars, and other hazardous internal components. If necessary, we can install a new upgraded panel sized to meet your home’s electrical needs.

Installing New Circuits

We run all new branch wiring through walls and ceilings to add electrical circuits for appliances, equipment, additions, garages, and outdoor areas. This eliminates the need for extension cords and adapters.

Troubleshooting Odd Electrical Problems

For those hard-to-diagnose electrical gremlins like flickering lights, odd smells or sounds, or frequently tripped breakers, our team will conduct in-depth troubleshooting to pinpoint the root cause for repairs.

And More!

Other residential electrical repairs we handle include:
Trust Ampco Electric’s expertise for any needed residential electrical repair in Tulsa, whether small fixes or large upgrades.

Commercial Electrical Repair Services

Beyond homes, our electrical contractors also serve Tulsa businesses to keep operations running smoothly. Common commercial electrical repairs include:

Emergency Power Restoration

If you experience an unexpected power outage, our electricians can respond rapidly to get power restored safely to avoid business disruptions.

Faulty Wiring Repairs

We’ll repair any malfunctioning or damaged wiring feeding critical systems like HVAC units, machinery, refrigeration, security systems, and emergency egress lighting.

Damaged Electrical Panels/Breakers

Faulty breaker panels put your business and employees at serious risk. We can replace individual tripping breakers or the entire panel if needed. This also provides an opportunity to upgrade and expand electrical capacity.

Code Violation Corrections

If your building’s electrical system fails an inspection, Ampco Electric will make all necessary repairs to bring it fully up to National Electrical Code (NEC) standards.

Electrical Surge Protection

Electrical surges can destroy computers, servers, telecom systems, and other sensitive electronics. We install advanced commercial-grade surge protectors tailored to your electrical system.

EV Charging Stations

To accommodate eco-friendly company vehicles, we can install Level 2 or DC fast chargers in your parking lot or garage

Sign & Outdoor Lighting Repairs

Ensure your business stays visible after sunset with repairs to parking lot pole lights, wall pack lights, illuminated business signs, and landscape accent lighting.

Backup Generator Maintenance & Repair

Make sure your emergency backup generators are ready to power vital systems when you need them most. We offer repair services as well as annual maintenance plans.

Manufacturing & Industrial Equipment

For manufacturing facilities, we service and repair motors, automated systems, machinery wiring, 3-phase power systems, VFD drives, and other specialized industrial electrical equipment.
Whatever your business’s electrical repair needs, Ampco Electric’s commercial electricians have the expertise to diagnose issues and make strategic fixes according to NEC standards for safety and reliability.

Common Electrical Repair Questions from Tulsa Home & Business Owners

When electrical problems arise, you probably have some questions on the likely repairs needed. Here our electrical contractors answer some of the questions we frequently receive:

What Are Some Warning Signs I May Need Electrical Repairs?

Be on the lookout for these common indicators of electrical issues:
Don’t ignore these signs – have one of Ampco Electric’s fully licensed and insured electricians assess your system as soon as possible. We can identify potential fire or shock risks before they become life-threatening emergencies.

How Are Electrical Problems Diagnosed Prior to Repairs?

Our expert technicians utilize a range of methods to accurately diagnose electrical issues, including:
Pinpointing causes of electrical malfunctions through proper diagnostics allows our electricians to tailor repairs to permanently resolve the underlying problem rather than just the symptoms.

Can I Do Minor Electrical Repairs Myself?

We strongly advise hiring a licensed electrician anytime repairs or modifications are needed on hardwired electrical systems. Mistakes made by untrained homeowners present major safety hazards like electrocution, fires, or shocks.

Plus, DIY repairs often fail to fully resolve dangerous issues within wiring that require the expertise of seasoned electrical pros using proper diagnostic equipment. Don’t take risks – let our experts handle electrical system repairs safely.

How Long Do Electrical Repairs Typically Take?

Some minor repairs take an hour or less, like changing a switch or outlet. Larger jobs like rewiring a room or installing new circuits may take 6-8 hours over 1-2 days. Whole-home rewiring projects can take multiple days based on the home’s size and scope of repairs needed. We always work efficiently with minimal disruption to your home or business. And we’ll provide accurate time estimates ahead of starting repairs so you can plan accordingly.

What Happens if I Have Issues After Repairs Are Made?

All our work is backed with written warranties on parts and labor. If any repaired electrical components fail prematurely, we will address under the warranty at no charge. We also offer service plans to cover repairs after the initial warranty expires.

Even years later, Ampco Electric stands behind our workmanship. Let us know about any electrical concerns that come up and we’ll take care of you – that’s our commitment.

Ampco Electric's Step-By-Step Electrical Repair Process

When hiring us for your residential or commercial electrical repairs, you can expect the following orderly process:

Step 1: Service Call

Contact us online or call 918-775-3281 to schedule electrical repairs. For emergencies, we’ll dispatch an electrician ASAP.

Step 2: Onsite Diagnosis

The electrician will arrive on time, assess issues, take photos, and ask questions to understand problems.

Step 3: In-Depth Diagnostics

Next, we’ll use thermal imagers, voltage testers, and other diagnostics to pinpoint all necessary repairs.

Step 4: Repair Plan & Estimate

Once diagnostics are complete, we’ll present repair options with a detailed price quote for your approval.

Step 5: Electrical Repairs

After approving the quote, we’ll start repairs, clearly explaining work as we go and answering any questions.

Step 6: System Testing & Cleanup

Once repairs are complete, we thoroughly test the system, clean the work area, and review the finished repairs with you.

Step 7: Warranty & Follow Up

We’ll provide warranty certificates for your records and follow up on any future questions or concerns.
Our step-by-step process ensures professional, transparent service from start to finish. We want you to fully understand necessary electrical repairs and feel confident in our work.

Resolve Lingering Electrical Problems - Contact Ampco Electric!

If your home or business in Tulsa has bothersome electrical issues requiring repair, don’t delay – call the experts at Ampco Electric. Our master electricians offer thorough diagnoses, strategic repairs, modern safety procedures, and competitive pricing.

Contact us online or call 918-775-3281 for first-rate electrical repairs done right the first time by qualified local electricians. We serve all of Tulsa and are available 24/7 for emergency repair needs.