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Tulsa surge protection

Tulsa Surge Protection Services to Protect Your Home or Business

For over 50 years, Ampco Electric, Inc has been providing Tulsa and the surrounding areas with reliable electrical services, including surge protection installation and maintenance. As a family-owned and operated company, we understand the importance of protecting your home or business from unexpected power surges that can damage electronics and appliances. Our team of master electricians in Tulsa has the expertise to recommend and install advanced surge protection systems tailored to your needs.

Why Surge Protection Matters in Tulsa

Tulsa experiences frequent electrical storms, power grid fluctuations, and other events that can lead to power surges. These sudden spikes in electrical current can travel through wires and conduits, damaging and destroying sensitive electronic equipment and appliances in your home or business. Some common surge-related issues experienced in Tulsa include:

Without proper surge protection, you’re vulnerable to these expensive equipment failures. And standard homeowners or business insurance often doesn’t cover surge-related damage.

Investing in whole-home or commercial surge protection in Tulsa pays for itself by avoiding these replacement and repair costs. Our electricians can install advanced systems to match your electrical needs and budget.

Comprehensive Surge Protection Services for Tulsa Homes & Businesses

Ampco Electric, Inc offers comprehensive surge protection services for Tulsa homes and businesses, including:

Home Surge Protection

Protect your home’s sensitive electronics and appliances with an electrical panel or outlet surge protector professionally installed by our team. We offer surge protection options including:

Whole House Surge Protectors

Also called panel or service entrance surge protectors, these systems are installed at your home’s main electrical panel and deliver protection for your entire electrical system. They guard against both external surges coming through power lines and internal surges from within your home wiring. Whole house units from brands like Eaton and Siemens provide 30,000 to 70,000 amps of surge absorption.

Electrical Outlet Surge Protectors

Outlet or point-of-use surge protectors can be installed to guard high-risk electronics in home offices, entertainment centers, and kitchens. They often include surge-protected outlets as well as coaxial and Ethernet jacks for complete protection.

Power Strips

For lightweight surge protection, we recommend installing heavier-duty power strips with built-in surge protection anywhere you have clusters of electronics and appliances.

Our master electricians will evaluate your home surge risks and wiring to recommend the right surge solutions. We’ll handle the full installation and provide support down the road if you ever need replacement surge protectors.

Commercial Surge Protection

Your business computers, servers, security systems, and other electronics are also at risk from electrical surges. We offer customized surge protection solutions for Tulsa businesses including:

Commercial Panel Surge Protectors

The most comprehensive option, these protect your entire electrical system from surges entering your building. Ideal for office buildings, hospitals, schools, and industrial sites.

Rackmount Surge Protectors

Designed specifically for server rooms, telephone exchanges, and data centers. Protect valuable racked electronic equipment from surges.

Point-of-Use Protectors

Surge-protected PDUs (power distribution units) and outlet strips to safeguard individual systems and workstations. Available with standard or NEMA receptacles.

Industrial Grade Surge Protection

Heavy-duty and specialized surge protectors rated for large motors, pumps, HVAC equipment and other industrial or manufacturing electronics. Withstands repeat surge events.

We offer free estimates for implementing building-wide or system-specific surge protection plans using trusted brands like Eaton, Tripp Lite, and SurgeX. Our team handles all installation, testing, and maintenance.

Why You Can Rely on Ampco Electric for Surge Protection

When installing sensitive, life-saving surge protection for your home or business, you want a qualified team you can count on. Here’s why Tulsa homeowners and companies trust Ampco Electric for their surge protection needs:

Local Electricians Who Know Tulsa's Grid

Our Tulsa master electricians have specialized training in power surge risks and solutions specific to our local area. We stay up-to-date on the reliability of the Tulsa power grid and typical surge problems experienced in different neighborhoods.

Advanced Training and Certifications

Our electrical team includes NABCEP solar installers, Generac generator technicians, and professionally certified electricians. We maintain all required licenses and training for safely installing residential and commercial surge protection systems.

We Handle Permits and Inspections

For major electrical upgrades like whole house surge protectors, we’ll pull any necessary permits and arrange inspections by the city permitting office. We ensure your surge protection system meets National Electrical Code for safety.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

Power surges can strike at any time of day. Ampco Electric provides 24-hour emergency electrical service in Tulsa, so we can respond quickly if your surge protector fails during a storm or other event. Prevent further equipment damage.

Surge Protection Maintenance and Warranties

We don’t disappear after installation. Ampco Electric will provide ongoing maintenance, testing, and replacement for your surge protectors as needed. We also honor all manufacturer warranties.

Cost-Effective Surge Protection

While fully protecting your home or business, we aim to provide surge protection solutions tailored to your budget. We’ll discuss options for coverage levels and ideal locations to optimize value.

Residential & Commercial Surge Protection in Tulsa

For homes and businesses across Tulsa, Ampco Electric, Inc has the expertise, equipment, and training to custom install code-compliant surge protection systems. Contact us today at (918) 775-3281 to schedule your free consultation with one of our local master electricians. We’ll assess your surge risks and needs, recommend optimal solutions, and provide transparent pricing with no obligations.

Protect your valuable electronics and appliances with professional surge protection from a family-owned Tulsa electrician you can trust – Ampco Electric, Inc. Call (918) 775-3281 today!

Surge Protection Questions We're Often Asked in Tulsa

Many Tulsa homeowners and business owners have questions about power surges and how surge protection systems work. Here are answers to some common surge protection questions our master electricians encounter:

Surge Protection Basics

Surge Protection Systems

Surge Protection in Tulsa

What Should You Look for in a Surge Protection System?

Not all surge protectors are created equal. When consulting with our customers in Tulsa about their power surge concerns, we recommend they look for these key factors when choosing surge protection:

Look for UL 1449 and 330V for Residential Settings

For surge protectors guarding your home’s electronics, the Underwriters Laboratories UL 1449 certification means the device meets trusted standards for performance, lifecycle testing, safety, and fire risk. UL 1449 listed devices also confirm a 330V let-through rating for 120V residential power systems.

Look for Higher 500V+ Ratings for Commercial Settings

Since commercial buildings often use 208V or 480V power systems, UL 1449 listed surge protectors designed for this use have 500V or 600V voltage protection thresholds for blocking surges.

Look for High Surge Current Ratings

Measured in amps, this indicates how much surge current the protector can safely divert without failing. Look for 30,000A or more for whole house, 20,000A for commercial units, and 1,000A or higher for point-of-use surge protectors.

Look for High Surge Energy Absorption in Joules

The joules rating signifies how much total surge energy it can handle over its lifetime before maxing out. For frame of reference, a single lightning surge can be 10,000 joules or more. Whole house units should be 3,000 joules or higher.

Look for Indicator Lights

LED status lights that confirm proper operation and grounding provide an easy visual reference to know your surge protector is working.

Look for a Connected Equipment Warranty

Better surge protectors often provide warranties covering thousands of dollars in connected equipment damages in the event of protector failure. This gives peace of mind your valuables are covered.

Look for Professional Installation

While DIY surge protector installation is possible, you’ll want an experienced electrician to evaluate your entire electrical system, follow codes, and properly ground and position the units for full protection.

Choosing surge protection may seem complicated, but the electricians at Ampco Electric, Inc make it easy. We’ll walk you through the options so you get the right level of surge protection tailored to your home or business needs. Call us at (918) 775-3281!

Surge Protection Planning for New Tulsa Home Construction

Building or renovating a home in Tulsa? Surge protection should be part of your electrical planning from the start. Here’s guidance from Ampco Electric, Inc on integrating surge protection into new Tulsa home construction:

Plan Surge Protection During Initial Electrical Design

Discussing surge solutions early in the design process allows better integration with your home’s electrical system, panel capacity, and grounding for more seamless protection.

Install a Whole House Surge Protector at the Main Panel

The most comprehensive protection is having your electrician install a whole house surge protector right at your home’s main electrical service panel. This will cover your entire home’s electrical system.

Include Surge Protectors for Subpanels

If your home has additional subpanels to power separate areas like an addition, garage, or pool house, include surge protectors at these locations too for full coverage.

Install Electrical Outlet Surge Protectors

Even with whole house protection, adding outlet surge protectors in rooms with important electronics gives inexpensive extra defense during extreme surge events.

Use Surge Protecting Devices Throughout

Specify other devices with built-in surge protection like surge-protected power strips, USB chargers, and outlets with surge components for layered protection.

Upgrade Grounding and Bonding

Proper grounding helps divert surges safely away from electronics. Upgrade to thick 10 AWG copper ground wiring and additional ground rods for electrical stability.

Include Surge Protection in Your Budget

Factor the cost of comprehensive surge protection into your overall home construction budget from the start. This preventative measure will save you money and headaches down the road.

Building a new home or renovating an existing property in the Tulsa area? Contact Ampco Electric, Inc at (918) 775-3281 to discuss integrating smart surge protection strategies tailored to your construction plans and budget.

How Much Does Surge Protection Cost in Tulsa?

Surge protection is a long-term investment that more than pays for itself by preventing expensive equipment damage. But what can Tulsa homeowners and businesses expect to budget for quality surge protection installation?

Here are typical price ranges for common surge protection solutions installed by Ampco Electric’s pros:

Whole House Surge Protectors

Installed at your main electrical panel to cover your entire electrical system, prices range from $650 to $1500 based on the amperage rating and joules of protection needed to fit your home’s power requirements. Additional grounding materials may be extra.

Electrical Outlet Surge Protectors

To protect specific rooms, installed outlet surge protectors cost $25 to $70 per unit depending on outlet count and connectivity features.

Commercial Surge Protectors

Larger commercial panel or rackmount surge protectors average $900 to $2500 depending on voltage needs and levels of protection. Installation costs are additional.

Surge-Protected Power Strips

Simple surge-protected power strips for plugging in clusters of electronics cost $10 to $50. More robust protection strips with insurance and higher joule ratings run $70 and up.

Electrician Installation

We recommend installing surge protection with a professional for code compliance and proper integration with your electrical system. Average electrician installation costs are $125 per hour. Complex projects take 2 to 4 hours.

Ongoing maintenance and replacement of worn surge protectors will also need periodic budgeting. But this minimal investment provides invaluable peace of mind knowing your valued equipment is safeguarded against unpredictable surges.

Ready to learn more about surge protection costs for your particular home or business? Call Ampco Electric, Inc at (918) 775-3281 for a free quote tailored to providing the level of surge protection you need.

A Guide to Surge Protection for Tulsa Businesses

Power surges pose a major risk to Tulsa businesses dependent on computers, servers, security systems, telecoms, and other sensitive electronics. The steep costs of downtime and equipment replacement make surge protection a wise investment.

Here is a guide to business surge protection options from Ampco Electric, Inc:

whole commercial Building Surge Protection

For maximum coverage, install a commercial-grade panel protector wired into your building’s main electrical service panel. This will safeguard your entire commercial electrical system from surges. Choose units rated for the voltage of your system (120V to 600V) with high joules and surge current capacity.

Point-of-Use Surge Protectors

Installing surge protectors for individual systems and equipment provides another layer of protection from surges. Options include:

Network and Communication Surge Protection

Don’t overlook protecting your business’s networks and communication systems:

Backup Power Systems

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and generators with voltage regulation help maintain steady, surge-free power to keep your commercial operations running smoothly through grid fluctuations and outages.

Investing in comprehensive surge protection reduces your business’s risk of profit-impacting downtime and equipment failure. Contact Ampco Electric, Inc at (918) 775-3281 to discuss implementing a tailored surge protection plan for your commercial property.

Why Ampco Electric is Tulsa's Best Choice for Surge Protection

When it’s time to protect your home or business from dangerous and destructive power surges, you want a qualified electrical contractor you can trust. Here’s why hundreds of Tulsa customers rely on Ampco Electric, Inc for professional surge protection: