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Electrical Failure Troubleshooting

Electrical Failure Troubleshooting in Tulsa, OK.

For over 25 years, Ampco Electric has been providing reliable electrical services and troubleshooting electrical failures for homes and businesses across Tulsa, OK. As fully licensed and insured electricians, we have the expertise to quickly diagnose and resolve any electrical malfunction.

Common Causes of Electrical Failures

There are several factors that can lead to an electrical failure in your home or business. Identifying the root cause is the first step our expert technicians take when troubleshooting electrical issues.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

Faulty or damaged wiring is one of the most common causes of electrical failures. Things like corroded connections, damaged insulation, loose connections, and overloaded circuits can interrupt power flow and cause electrical malfunctions. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your wiring to find and repair any issues.

Some specific things we look for include:

  • Frayed, cracked, brittle, or melted wire insulation
  • Exposed wire
  • Wires that feel hot
  • Discolored wires indicating overheating
  • Taped splices and connections which can loosen over time
  • GFCI and AFCI outlets that commonly fail
  • Aluminum wiring that expands and contracts leading to loose connections
  • Rodent damage like chewed wires
  • Signs of arcing and carbon buildup

Finding and fixing damaged wires is essential to preventing electrical fires, equipment damage, and power interruptions.

Ground Faults

A ground fault occurs when electricity takes an unintended path to the ground. This can result from damaged insulation, overloaded circuits, moisture, and other issues. Ground faults can lead to interrupted service, shock hazards, and fires. We’ll test for ground faults and correct them to restore safe operation.

Our technicians check for:

  • GFCI outlets that suddenly trip indicating a ground fault
  • Tingling feeling when touching appliances may signify ground faults
  • Unexplained tripped circuit breakers
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Buzzing, sizzling, or cracking from outlets

We use ground fault detectors and other tools to locate exactly where the electricity is leaking to ground. Then we repair insulation, replace wires, dry out junction boxes, and take other corrective actions to fix ground faults.

Short Circuits

Short circuits take place when electricity flows abnormally between two points with different voltages. This often results from frayed wires touching, water infiltration, rodent damage, a nail through a wire, overloaded circuits, and other causes. Short circuits are extremely dangerous and can result in high heat, sparks, fires, and shock hazards.

On arrival, we assess:

  • Blown fuses which commonly indicate a short
  • Scorch marks or melted wires
  • Burning or electrical smell
  • Flickering lights signaling a loose wire
  • Outlets warmer than usual
  • Circuit breakers tripping repeatedly

Our technicians will isolate the shorted circuit and inspect every inch of wire and each connection to determine the exact failure point. We’ll repair or replace any damaged wiring or components and ensure insulation prevents future shorts.

Loose Connections

Loose wiring connections due to corrosion, vibration, thermal expansion, or improper installation can cause electrical failures. Our experts will identify and tighten any loose connections to safely restore uninterrupted power.

We methodically check:

  • Junction boxes for loose wire nuts
  • Breakers and fuses for loose connections
  • Plugs inserted loosely into outlets
  • Light switches, outlets, and fixtures for loose mounting
  • Wires loose at the breaker panel
  • Extension cords overloaded or improperly plugged in

Even minor loose connections can degrade into serious electrical failures if left unchecked. Annual inspections help catch loose connections before they escalate into hazards.

Power Surges

Power surges are sudden spikes in electrical current that can damage electrical systems and components. Surges can originate inside your home from large appliances cycling on or faulty wiring. They also come from the utility company grid. We’ll troubleshoot and fix any damage caused by power surges.

Our surge protection services include:

  • Installing whole panel surge protectors to defend your entire electrical system
  • Adding surge protectors at critical outlets with electronics plugged in
  • Checking that surge protectors have indicators showing they still work
  • Replacing any standard outlets connected to sensitive equipment with surge protecting outlets
  • Repairing or replacing electronics, appliances, and hardware damaged by surges
  • Locating wiring and junction points burnt by surges and replacing them

Proactive surge protection pays for itself by avoiding expensive damage from electrical spikes.

Old and Outdated Electrical Panels or Wiring

Outdated electrical systems that haven’t been updated to modern codes and capacity needs frequently cause electrical disruptions and failures. We offer full-service electrical panel upgrades and rewiring to prevent future electrical hazards.

Indicators your system may be outdated or undersized include:

  • Frequent tripped breakers from overloads
  • Lights dimming when heavy appliances turn on
  • Not enough circuits or outlets for your needs
  • Strange odors or discolored outlets
  • Removing fuse to plug something in
  • Flickering lights
  • Tingling feeling when appliances are on
  • Upgrading appliance but outlet doesn’t meet amperage

We’ll do a complete assessment and advise you if upgrading your electrical panel, mast, wiring, grounds, and other components to the latest standards is recommended. This improves safety, efficiency, and electrical capacity.

Diagnosing Electrical Issues

The Ampco Electric team are masters at diagnosing electrical problems. We use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to pinpoint the exact cause of your electrical failure.

Visual Inspection

We start by thoroughly visually inspecting your entire electrical system to check for any obvious issues like loose connections, damaged wires, signs of overheating, corrosion, outdated equipment, and more.

Our step-by-step visual inspection covers:

  • Examining the full exterior and interior of your electrical panel for defects
  • Checking all breakers for pitting or burn marks indicating faults
  • Scanning wiring for insulation damage, scorching, exposed wire, and fraying
  • Testing that equipment grounds are correctly connected
  • Assessing condition of weatherhead, mast, and service entrance wires
  • Checking junction points for loose connections or moisture
  • Flushing out rodent nests or insect infestations

Circuit Testing

Your electrical system is divided into multiple circuits that control different Tulsa, OK. We systematically test and analyze each circuit to determine failures.

This involves:

  • Creating a detailed electrical map noting each circuit and what it powers
  • Tagging and labeling each circuit at the panel
  • Shutting down and testing each circuit individually
  • Checking voltage and amperage on every circuit
  • Isolating any unstable circuit readings signaling faults

Meticulous circuit-by-circuit testing pinpoints problems quickly.

Outlet Testing

Using a outlet tester, we check for correct wiring, miswirings, open neutral, reverse polarity, and other outlet wiring faults that can result in failures.

Our outlet testing process includes:

  • Examining each outlet for signs of defects
  • Using a plug-in outlet tester to validate proper wiring
  • Confirming three-prong outlets have correct grounding
  • Checking for false-positives on plug-in testers which can miss some conditions
  • Testing outlets in on and off positions for differences
  • Validating GFCI outlets properly trip when tested
  • Verifying consistent outlet functionality around the home

Thorough outlet inspections catch many hidden electrical defects.

Voltage Testing

Voltage fluctuations and drops can signify an electrical issue. We’ll use a voltmeter to check voltage at different points to isolate problems.

Our voltage testing pinpoints:

  • Consistent 120v power from panel to outlets
  • Voltage drops at junction points indicating loose wiring
  • Reduced voltage on specific circuits pointing to overloads
  • Spikes and dips when large appliances turn on/off
  • Steady voltage output in high load conditions
  • Safe 240v on circuits powering large appliances
  • Open neutral faults shown by very high voltage readings

Precision voltage measurements locate sources of electrical failure.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal cameras detect abnormal heat signatures that often identify sources of electrical failures like loose connections.

We use thermal imaging to uncover:

  • Hot spots in breakers, wires, and connections
  • Temperature differences between similar circuit components
  • Heat concentrated around junction boxes
  • Wiring running hotter than normal under load
  • Heat buildup at stressed electrical points
  • Overheating wires and insulation

Thermal scanning quickly isolates overheating components predictably prone to failure.

Load Testing

Electrical failures frequently occur when systems are under their highest load. We’ll test your system while simulating peak load conditions to uncover latent electrical faults.

Our load testing process:

  • Asks about typical energy use patterns in the home
  • Turns on major appliances like AC, heat, oven, dryer simultaneously
  • Measures voltage stability during heavy loads
  • Checks for tripped breakers or damage during extreme draws
  • Assesses if supply wires and meter can handle peak usage
  • Confirms electrical panel capacity exceeds household peak demand

Load testing reveals weaknesses in your system that lead to future failures.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing pumps non-toxic theatrical smoke into the electrical system to detect faulty wiring. Our technicians look for smoke emerging at connection points, outlets, or other Tulsa, OK that can indicate defects.

Arc Fault Testing

Arc faults create potentially hazardous sparks in electrical systems but don’t trip normal breakers. We utilize advanced arc fault testing devices to identify these dangerous conditions.

Insulation Testing

Insulation breakdown is responsible for many electrical issues. We perform insulation testing to measure insulation resistance and determine if replacement is required.

Common Electrical Failures We Fix

With expertise across all Tulsa, OK of electrical service, Ampco Electric can quickly troubleshoot and fix any type of electrical failure you’re experiencing. Common issues we resolve include:

  • Power Outages
  • Dimming Lights
  • Flickering Lights
  • Partial Power Loss
  • Tools and Appliances Not Working
  • Faulty Outlets
  • Short Circuits
  • Blown Fuses
  • Tripped Breakers
  • Buzzing/Crackling Noises
  • Burning Smells
  • Discolored Wires
  • Shock Hazards
  • Sparks
  • And More!

We have vast experience troubleshooting electrical failures caused by faulty wiring, ground faults, short circuits, power surges, outdated electrical equipment, weather events, animals, overloads, and natural deterioration.

Whether it’s just one problematic circuit or your whole electrical system is failing, we’ll get to the bottom of the issue quickly and professionally.

Professional Electrical Failure Repairs

Not only do we troubleshoot electrical problems, but we also provide complete repairs and replacements to restore full and safe electrical operation.

Circuit Repairs

We isolate failing circuits and methodically replace any damaged wiring, outlets, switches, junction boxes, breakers, grounding, and other components bringing them up to code.

Our circuit repairs include:

  • Fixing minor loose wire connections
  • Replacing corroded, worn, or damaged wires
  • Installing new outlets and switches
  • Upgrading inadequate gauge supply wiring
  • Repairing junction points with aged wire nuts or tape
  • Fixing poorly spliced connections prone to failure
  • Rerouting circuits with inadequate capacity
  • Installing protective nail plates where wiring is exposed
  • Wrapping wire with corrosion resistant tape

We won’t stop until all aspects of the circuit meet the latest safety standards.

Electrical Rewiring

For older homes and businesses with outdated, insufficient, or hazardous wiring, a full rewire is often the best solution for chronic electrical disruptions. We perform professional whole-home rewiring.

Our complete rewiring services involve:

  • Replacing all outdated wiring with new copper wire
  • Running dedicated circuits for large appliances
  • Installing ample circuits and outlets
  • Hardwiring high load appliances rather than using plugs
  • Using appropriate wiring gauges for lighting, outlets, and equipment
  • Securing exposed wiring to protect it from pests and physical damage
  • Setting up structured wiring for modern electrical needs
  • Installing brand new service panel with ample capacity
  • Grounding the system to strict modern standards

Rewiring prevents outdated, overloaded electrical systems from causing dangerous failures.

Outlet Repairs

Faulty outlets with incorrect wiring, reverse polarity, open grounds, and other issues are fire and shock risks. We upgrade faulty outlets to brand new tamper-resistant outlets to modern safety standards.

Our outlet repairs include:

  • Testing wiring to isolate issues
  • Fixing incorrectly wired connections
  • Replacing corroded, damaged, or overheating receptacles
  • Adding GFCI outlets anywhere outlets are near water
  • Installing tamper-resistant outlets to prevent electrocution
  • Mounting outlets loosely sitting in boxes
  • Upgrading two-prong to three-prong grounded outlets
  • Checking outlet functionality under load
  • Ensuring exterior outlets are waterproof

Outlet repairs eliminate power losses, shock hazards, overheating risks, and fires.

Breaker Replacements

Breakers constantly cycling on and off or not tripping when overloads occur need replacement. We install new breakers equipped with the latest technology.

Our breaker replacement services include:

  • Installing properly rated breakers for each circuit
  • Replacing faulty or malfunctioning breakers
  • Upgrading to arc-fault (AFCI) and ground-fault (GFCI) breakers
  • Swapping single pole for dual pole breakers when needed
  • Using brand new breakers when doing panel upgrades
  • Checking for overheating signs and pitting on existing breakers
  • Verifying breakers properly trip when manually tested
  • Tightening loose breaker connections

New breakers prevent electrical failures and enhance safety.

Surge Protector Installation

To protect your sensitive electronics and appliances, we recommend installing high-quality surge protector panels. This guards against power surges.

We offer comprehensive surge protection:

  • At the main panel to cover your full electrical system
  • On individual circuits with frequently plugged in electronics
  • At extra outlets you plug expensive electronics into
  • With industrial grade surge protectors proven reliable
  • With proper joule ratings for maximum protection
  • With indicator lights showing protected status
  • Hardwired for faster reaction times compared to plug-in models
  • With auto shutoff when protectors wear out

Surge protectors are a smart investment securing your equipment.

Grounding Repairs

Proper grounding mitigates the risk of electrocution and electrical fire. We’ll restore grounding that has become damaged or detached.

Our grounding repairs include:

  • Inspecting ground wires for deterioration or detachment
  • Using a multimeter to measure if grounds have continuity
  • Driving new grounding rods where needed
  • Replacing corroded ground clamps
  • Connecting grounds properly at panels, outlets, and fixtures
  • Repairing damaged ground wires in junction boxes
  • Installing equipment grounding conductors if missing
  • Upgrading two-prong outlets to grounded three-prong
  • Ensuring all circuits are grounded, not just some

Proper grounding is absolutely vital for safety.

Lightning and Surge Damage Repair

Lightning strikes and power surges can destroy electrical systems and electronics. We repair all the damage and take preventative measures against future occurrences.

Our lightning and surge damage repairs include:

  • Replacing wiring and devices burnt or melted by surges
  • Installing lightning arrestors and air terminals outside
  • Grounding systems properly according to best practices
  • Repairing or replacing any damaged electronics or appliances
  • Putting surge protectors on all affected circuits
  • Conducting insulation and continuity testing to uncover hidden damage
  • Checking that surge protectors are properly rated
  • Inspecting all system components to ensure proper functioning
  • Offering insurance estimates for irreparable equipment

We can restore things to pre-strike functioning quickly.

Backup Generator Repairs

When your standby generator fails to start during an outage, we have the expertise to service and repair any brand or size generator. This includes:

  • Diagnosing and fixing ignition problems
  • Testing and replacing batteries
  • Cleaning or replacing fuel injectors and lines
  • Repairing control boards and monitoring systems
  • Replacing alternators and generators
  • Repairing transfer switches and connections
  • Tuning the engine and adjusting components
  • Load testing and inspection to validate operation
  • Fixing exhaust, cooling, and intake issues
  • Permanently installing generators

Reliable backup power is too important to ignore generator problems. Trust our generator certified technicians to get your system running again.

Reliable Electrical Troubleshooting Services

Don’t put off diagnosing and repairing mysterious electrical failures, flickering lights, or persistent short circuits. The potential dangers of faulty electrical systems are too great. Trust Ampco Electric, your local electrical experts for over 25 years, to quickly find the source of any electrical malfunction and correctly repair it. We offer:

  • Highly trained and experienced technicians
  • Advanced diagnostic tools and procedures
  • Safe, code-compliant repairs
  • All work guaranteed
  • 24/7 emergency electrical service
  • Free estimates
  • Competitive prices

Contact us whenever you experience any type of electrical failure or disruption. We’re available 24/7 to troubleshoot and fix the problem safely and cost-effectively. Call or click today to schedule service!