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Tulsa electrical outlets

Electrical Outlet Installation and Repair in Tulsa, OK

Why Hire a Professional Electrician for Your Tulsa Electrical Outlets?

Electrical outlets are something that homeowners often take for granted, until there is a problem. Loose connections, faulty wiring, and outdated electrical panels can all cause issues with your Tulsa electrical outlets not working properly. When outlets start tripping breakers, won’t turn on, or emit burning smells, it’s time to call in a professional electrician right away.

At Ampco Electric, our licensed electricians have the experience and expertise to diagnose any electrical outlet problems in your Tulsa home and make professional repairs. We know that malfunctioning electrical outlets present serious safety hazards like shocks and electrocution and should never be DIY projects for homeowners. Our master electricians follow all current National Electrical Code (NEC) safety standards when inspecting, upgrading, and replacing residential electrical outlets. We stay up-to-date on the latest NEC codes and outlet technology to deliver the highest quality services.

Why Choose Ampco Electric?

With so many options for electrical contractors in Tulsa, what makes Ampco Electric the top choice for homes and businesses?

Loose Electrical Outlet Connections

Loose wiring is one of the most common causes of electrical outlets not working properly. Loose connections cause heat buildup which melts the wires and insulation over time. This creates a potential fire hazard if left unrepaired. Our electricians will tighten all loose connections and also check for corroded, damaged and outdated wiring that should be replaced. We use superior copper materials and tighten connections to NEC torque specs for maximum safety.

Faulty GFCI or AFCI Outlets

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) and AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) outlets are designed to trip as a safety precaution when they detect issues. However, they can also nuisance trip when there is nothing wrong. If you have GFCI or AFCI outlets tripping frequently, our electricians can determine if it’s a miswiring problem or if the outlet itself is faulty and needs replacement. We troubleshoot nuisance tripping issues and install tamper-resistant GFCI/AFCI outlets to strict NEC code compliance.

Outdated Wiring

Good outlets need good wiring. If your home still has outdated 60 amp electrical panels, knob and tube wiring, or aluminum wiring, this insufficient infrastructure means your outlets are prone to short circuiting and failure. Upgrading old wiring prevents tripped breakers and improves outlet performance. Our electricians can overhaul your home’s wiring to modern NEC standards using the highest grade copper wire. We’ll bring your electrical up to current code.

Childproofing Outlets

If you have small children or grandchildren visiting, childproofing your electrical outlets is a safety must. Our electricians can install tamper-resistant outlets or safety covers to prevent curious kids from sticking their fingers into sockets. We can also install outlets at a higher, unreachable height as part of a childproofing package. Keep your little ones safe with our certified childproofing services.

Installing Dedicated Circuits

Some heavy appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners and medical equipment require dedicated electrical circuits to operate safely. Our electricians can install new dedicated 20 amp circuits and outlets optimized for these types of high-draw appliances. We also upgrade electrical panels if needed to handle the added electrical load. Get the right power specially dedicated for your high wattage electronics.

Electrical Outlet Repair and Installation Services

In addition to the outlet repairs listed above, Ampco Electric also offers the following services:

Outlet Testing and Troubleshooting

We thoroughly test your electrical outlets with advanced diagnostic tools and visual inspection to pinpoint any wiring faults or issues. This allows us to determine if repairs or replacement are needed. Safety is our top priority. We take the time to fully diagnose outlet issues before making recommendations.

GFCI Outlet Installation

Upgrade your kitchen, bathroom and outdoor outlets to GFCI outlets for added protection from electrocution and shocks. We install tamper-resistant weatherproof GFCI outlets to the latest NEC safety standards. GFCI outlets can truly save lives by preventing tragic shocks.

220-Volt Outlet Installation

220-volt outlets are needed to power large appliances like dryers, stoves, HVAC systems, hot tubs and more. Our electricians can add new 220v outlets and wiring anywhere in your home per code. We ensure full compatibility with any 220v appliances you need powered.

Outlet Replacement

Old, cracked, or broken outlets need to be replaced to prevent hazardous conditions like shocks and electrocution. We will replace damaged outlets with new commercial-grade ones that provide superior power flow. Only the highest quality and durable outlet replacement.

Outlet Re-wiring

If the wiring behind an outlet is damaged or insufficient, the outlet must be re-wired to prevent dangerous situations. Our electricians can safely re-wire outlets to modern NEC standards using 10/12 gauge copper wiring for maximum current capacity and safety. Let us handle complex outlet re-wiring jobs.

Generator Outlet Installation

When power outages strike, a generator will keep your home powered on. We can install specialized generator hookup outlets linked to your electrical panel to quickly connect a generator during outages. Stay powered on when you need it most. We ensure proper generator outlet placement so hookups are fast and convenient.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Protect all your sensitive electronics from power surges by having our electricians install advanced whole home surge protectors at the main electrical panel. Adds an extra layer of safety for your expensive equipment. Our electricians select the ideal surge protector system based on the size of your home and electrical needs.

Smart Outlet and Switch Installation

Looking to add smart home functionality? We can install smart outlets, switches and dimmers that allow you to control your lights, appliances and electronics from your smartphone or voice. Smart home made simple. Our electricians will integrate smart outlets with your existing smart home platform and walk you through their use and programming.

USB Outlet Installation

Charge your phones and tablets faster than ever with convenient USB outlets installed in your kitchen, bedrooms, and other living areas. We safely install GFCI protected USB outlets ideal for modern device charging needs. Our electricians will match your interior decor with outlet colors and provide optimal USB placement.

Flat Screen TV Outlet Installation

Don’t want to mount your flat screen TV? We’ll install specialized floor-mounted flat screen TV outlets exactly where you want them. TV outlet placement made easy by our experts. We’ll ensure the outlet is properly wired for the power needs of your large flat screen television.

Custom Outlet Placement

We can provide unique outlet placements tailored to your needs. Whether it’s outlets on dimmers, outlets mounted inside cabinets/woodwork, angled outlets – we can do it all to perfection. Our electricians will work closely with you to determine custom outlet locations that fit your space and lifestyle.

Kitchen Island Outlet Installation

Need power access in a kitchen island or peninsula for ap pliances? We can safely install pop-up outlets or outlets inside the cabinetry according to your preferences. Proper clearance from sinks and code compliance is ensured.

Bathroom Vanity Outlet Installation

Bathroom vanity lighting often also needs an outlet conveniently located for hair dryers, electric toothbrushes and more. We can neatly install vanity outlets to power these devices while maintaining a tidy appearance.

Outdoor Outlet Installation

Outdoor outlets allow you to power patio furniture, landscape lighting, holiday decorations and outdoor tools. We safely install outdoor-rated GFCI and weatherproof outlets on porches, patios, and exterior walls. Get power where you need it outdoors.

Garage Outlet Installation

We’ll provide specialized outlet placement for powering garage door openers, power tools and EV charging stations. Garage outlets require GFCI protection and durability. Rely on our experts for proper garage outlet wiring.

Office/Den Outlet Installation

Need more power outlets and charging stations in home offices, dens and game rooms? We offer professional outlet installation to power computers, televisions, gaming consoles and home office equipment. Clean outlet placement that keeps your space clutter-free.

How Much Does Electrical Outlet Repair and Replacement Cost in Tulsa?

Electrical outlet repair and installation costs vary depending on factors like:

Typical outlet service costs include:

Ampco Electric uses a systematic, multi-step process performed by highly experienced master electricians to troubleshoot all types of electrical wiring and equipment issues throughout the greater Tulsa area. Here is an overview of our electrical diagnostic process:

Outlet testing/troubleshooting

$125 per hour

Single GFCI outlet replacement

$200 - $250

Install new 220v appliance outlet

$300 - $350

Replace 10 outlets (parts + labor)

$650 - $850

Rewire single outlet with new wiring

$300 - $400

Whole home surge protector install

$1,200 - $1,500

USB outlet install (parts + labor)

$150 - $200 per outlet

Smart home outlet install

$75 - $100 per outlet

TV outlet install

$200 - $250 per outlet

Kitchen island outlet install

$400 - $500

Outdoor outlet install

$175 - $225 per outlet

We provide free estimates so you know exactly what to expect cost-wise. Financing options are also available upon request. Let us know your budget and goals.

Choosing the Best Electrician for Your Outlet Needs

When electrical outlet work is needed in your Tulsa home, choose the pros at Ampco Electric. Here’s why

For Safe, Modern Electrical Outlet Services in Tulsa

Don’t take chances by hiring amateurs for important electrical outlet work. For safe, modern, code-compliant electrical services in Tulsa, contact the experts at Ampco Electric at 918-775-3281 today! Our team looks forward to helping upgrade and repair your outlets. We are Tulsa’s premier electrical company serving both homeowners and businesses. Call us for a free consultation on your outlet project!