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Tulsa electrical inspection

Ampco Electric: Tulsa's Trusted Expert for Electrical Inspections Since 1997

Regular electrical inspections from qualified electricians are absolutely critical to identify potential safety risks and maintain reliable power throughout your property. At Ampco Electric, our licensed electricians have performed thousands of comprehensive electrical inspections on Tulsa area homes and businesses since 1997.

We thoroughly inspect all aspects of your electrical system to uncover any issues BEFORE they can pose fire, electrocution, or other serious hazards for your family or customers. An inspection also helps prevent power outages and expensive equipment damage down the road.

Our experts utilize the latest diagnostic tools and follow strict industry standards to evaluate wiring, outlets, panels and every electrical component at your residential or commercial property. We take the time to fully examine all areas of potential concern so problems get addressed, not overlooked.

After the inspection, you receive a professional detailed report outlining any code violations, safety risks, recommended repairs, plus cost estimates. For any fixes needed, Ampco’s highly trained electricians can provide prompt, quality installation and electrical repair services across the Tulsa metro.

Why an Electrical Inspection is a Wise Investment

Prevent Fires & Shock Hazards

Faulty electrical wiring and components are the leading cause of home fires according to the National Fire Protection Association. Inspection identifies loose connections, defective devices, overloaded circuits and other serious risks BEFORE they cause catastrophe.

Maintain Reliable Power

From flickering lights to tripped breakers and outages, uncontrolled electrical issues make life miserable. Inspection allows problems to be caught early so you maintain consistent electrical power.

Avoid Expensive Emergencies

Identifying minor problems now prevents major system failures, surges or equipment damage down the road that can cost thousands. Pay a little now or a lot more later!

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Defective wiring, old appliances and poor connections waste electricity and drive up monthly costs. Inspection pinpoints efficiency issues to cut electric bills.

Meet Insurance Requirements

Electrical inspection reports may be required for home insurance policies or local permits to demonstrate safety and code compliance.

Gain Valuable Peace of Mind

Knowing your electrical system is free of fire risks and operating safely provides comfort for your family or commercial property.

Routine professional inspection gives you confidence your electrical system meets the highest safety standards.

What Exactly is Inspected During an Electrical Inspection?

Ampco Electric’s highly experienced electricians thoroughly inspect ALL aspects of your electrical system from the main service panel to outlets, appliances, wiring, grounding, and much more. Key elements we cover include:

Main Service Panel



Outlets, Switches & Fixtures

Appliances & Equipment

Grounding Electrode System

Smoke & CO Detectors

And Much More!

This covers the thorough inspection process performed by Ampco Electric’s experts. All aspects of your electrical system will be fully evaluated.

The 5 Phases of Our Electrical Inspection Process

When you choose Ampco Electric, you can expect a systematic, orderly inspection process following industry best practices:

The 5 Phases of Our Electrical Inspection Process

When you choose Ampco Electric, you can expect a systematic, orderly inspection process following industry best practices:

Phase 1: Pre-Inspection Planning

Phase 2: Onsite Physical Inspection

Phase 3: Review Findings

Phase 4: Develop Recommendations

Phase 5: Report Presentation

This orderly process results in maximum understanding of your electrical system’s condition today and the improvements needed to keep it operating safely.

Why Ampco Electric is Tulsa's Most Trusted Source for Electrical Inspections

With over 25+ years of experience providing local electrical services in Tulsa, Ampco Electric has the expertise, technical skills and equipment needed to perform accurate, thorough inspections you can count on.

NEC-Certified Master Electricians

Our team includes electricians licensed in Oklahoma who routinely complete advanced National Electrical Code (NEC) training on the latest codes, safety standards, and inspection procedures.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Technology

We use infrared cameras, digital multimeters, receptacle testers, load calculators and other advanced tools to conduct non-invasive, precise inspections.

Professional Detailed Reporting

Our inspection reports contain documentation of all findings, system issues, code violations, recommendations for corrections, repair cost estimates, and priorities for fixes.

Flexible Scheduling

We work around your schedule to conduct inspections when it’s most convenient for you – available weekdays, nights and weekends.

Upfront Affordable Pricing

Ampco provides flat-rate pricing for inspections so you can budget properly without hidden fees. Financing available.

Ampco Electric Offers Electrical Repairs in Tulsa

In addition to performing expert electrical inspections, Ampco Electric has provided full-service electrical repair, installation and maintenance services to Tulsa metro residential and commercial properties since 2005.

Our master electricians can promptly fix any issues or code violations found during your inspection to restore safety and proper functioning of your electrical system. We handle all repairs, upgrades and improvements, including:

Avoid the risk of tackling dangerous electrical work yourself. Trust Tulsa’s top-rated team of licensed electricians at Ampco Electric to make needed repairs quickly and correctly after your inspection.

Importance of Electrical Code Compliance

Electrical codes exist to protect people, buildings, and property from electrical fires, shock hazards, and dangerous failures. Code requirements cover all electrical components including wiring, circuits, panels, devices, and equipment. Meeting code is mandatory in Tulsa and not optional. The city regularly inspects electrical work done on existing and new constructions.

Violations can result in citations, fines, or orders to redo the work. Trust our Tulsa electricians from Ampco Electric to follow the necessary codes and get your passing inspection on the first try.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Inspections in Tulsa

Below we’ve answered some of the most common questions we hear from Tulsa homeowners and business owners about electrical inspections.