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Tulsa electrical outlets

Electrical Outlet Installation and Repair in Tulsa, OK

Welcome to Ampco Electric, Inc’s electrical outlet installation and repair service in Tulsa, OK. With experience, our certified electricians can handle any type of electrical outlet project for your home or business.

Why Electrical Outlets are Important

Having sufficient and properly functioning electrical outlets is essential for powering lights, appliances, electronics, and equipment in your property. Here are some key reasons proper electrical outlets matter:

When outlets are insufficient, inaccessible, overloaded, or installed incorrectly, it leads to problems like blown fuses, damage to electronics, unsafe extensions cords, and increased fire hazards.

Trust our Tulsa electricians to provide the right outlet upgrades and repairs to keep your home or business safe and adapted to modern electrical needs.

Electrical Outlet Services We Offer

Ampco Electric, Inc handles all aspects of electrical outlet installation, replacement, moving, repair, inspection and upgrades:

We handle all sizes of electrical outlet projects – from simple outlet repairs to whole home rewiring. Our truck is fully stocked so we can get any outlet job done promptly.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Electrician for Outlets

Electrical outlet repairs, replacement and installation is best left to qualified electricians, like our team at Ampco Electric. Improper electrical work can lead to fires, shocks and electrocution. Our licensed electricians have the proper training and experience to handle outlet work safely and correctly per NEC standards and local codes.

Benefits of using our professional outlet installation and repair services include:

Don’t risk injury or property damage by having unqualified persons install or repair electrical outlets. Trust Tulsa’s top rated electricians at Ampco Electric for safe, compliant electrical outlet work.

Common Electrical Outlet Issues We Repair

Our electricians respond promptly to diagnose and repair any type of electrical outlet problem. Common electrical outlet repairs we handle include:

Loose, Damaged or Broken Outlets

Outlets can become loose and move slightly when plugs are inserted. This can expose wires and lead to dangerous arcing, shorts and shocks. Damaged, cracked or broken outlets also pose hazards. We replace damaged outlets and securely fasten loose outlets.

Buzzing, Sizzling or Hot Outlets

These signs can indicate unsafe wiring issues, arcing or overload. We troubleshoot the cause and perform appropriate repairs before a fire hazard occurs.

No Power at Outlet

If an outlet suddenly loses power it could be due to a tripped breaker, GFCI outlet, faulty wiring, or overloaded circuit. We quickly restore power after identifying the cause.

Frequently Tripped Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker that frequently trips indicates an overloaded circuit. We identify the cause of the overload and provide solutions such as more circuits or higher capacity breakers.

Odd Voltages

Improperly wired outlets can output odd voltages that damage electronics. We check wiring to fix improper voltages.

Grounding Issues

Ungrounded outlets are unsafe. We add proper grounding per code requirements. For 3-prong outlets with an open ground we install GFCI outlets for protection.

Weather Damage

Outdoor outlets subject to moisture can short out, corrode or spark. We replace damaged outdoor outlets with weatherproof covers and GFCI protection.

Child Safety

We replace standard outlets with tamper-resistant outlets to prevent electrocution of children inserting objects.

Trust Ampco Electric’s highly skilled electricians for quality electrical outlet repairs and installations.

Upgrading Home Electrical Outlets

Many homes still have outdated electrical outlets originally installed decades ago that lack modern safety features and amperage for today’s power needs. We recommend upgrading outlets for:

Added Safety

GFCI outlets provide protection from lethal shocks. Tamper-resistant outlets prevent children from sticking objects into slots. Weatherproof covers keep moisture out of outdoor outlets.

More Power

Some older outlets provide only 15 or 20 amps. We upgrade to 20 amp outlets for more power or install 240V outlets for heavy appliances.


We relocate outlets from floors to walls, add outlets where needed, and install outlets with USB charging ports.


We upgrade worn or discolored outlets to new outlets that match your home’s style.

Added Property Value

Updated outlets and circuit breakers greatly improve home resale value. Our upgrades pass inspections.

Ampco Electric provides affordable whole home electrical outlet upgrades. We replace all your outdated outlets with tamper-resistant GFCI outlets, correct any wiring issues, and add circuits and outlets as needed. Investing in proper electrical outlets reduces fire risks and accommodate’s your home’s current power demands.

New Outlet Installation

Lacking sufficient electrical outlets is a common problem in many Tulsa homes. Short extension cords stretch across rooms, power strips overload outlets, and there are never plugs conveniently located where new appliances, electronics or lighting get added.

Ampco Electric solves outlet shortage problems by professionally installing new electrical outlets throughout your home or business.

Where We Install New Outlets

We add outlets wherever you need them, such as:

Tell us where you need more outlets and we’ll install them to meet your home’s electrical needs.

Outlet Installation Options

We offer several outlet installation options:

Let us know your new outlet needs and preferences and we will install suitable, high-quality outlets to match your home decor.

New Outlet Installation Process

When installing new electrical outlets, our electricians take care to minimize disruption and damage. The process typically involves:

Our goal is to add new outlets wherever they are needed most while being efficient and minimizing impacts. Contact Ampco Electric when you need additional outlets installed in your Tulsa area home, office or retail space.

Outlet Repairs and Troubleshooting

Electrical outlets are prone to wear and tear over time. Faulty outlets that are loose, damaged or malfunctioning pose serious fire and shock hazards. Ampco Electric provides expert electrical outlet repairs, troubleshooting and replacement in Tulsa homes and businesses.

Some signs you may need outlet repairs include: 

Our master electricians quickly diagnose the cause of any outlet issues and perform the appropriate repairs. We use commercial-grade outlets and parts for safety and longevity. Our truck is fully stocked with a wide variety of outlets, wiring and parts so we can get your outlets fixed promptly.

Common outlet repairs we perform include:

We always test outlets thoroughly after repairs to ensure optimal performance and safety. Trust Ampco Electric for expert diagnosis and repair of any electrical outlet problems throughout the greater Tulsa metro area.

Whole Home and Office Outlet Safety Upgrades

Many older homes and offices still utilize outdated electrical outlets that lack modern safety features. Outdated outlets put occupants at risk of shocks, electrocution and electrical fires.

Ampco Electric offers complete electrical safety upgrades by replacing all old outlets throughout your property with new tamper-resistant GFCI outlets. This affordable upgrade provides vital protection for your family or employees.

We replace outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices, recreation rooms, garages, hallways and outdoor areas. GFCI outlets are proven to prevent lethal shocks. We label each outlet clearly so occupants know which provide GFCI protection.

For homes with young kids, we also replace standard outlets with tamper-resistant outlets. These prevent children from sticking objects into the slots which could cause severe shocks.

Included services in our whole home/office outlet upgrade:

Homes built prior to the 1960s often lack essential GFCI protection and three-prong grounded outlets. Protect your family and upgrade to modern, safer electrical outlets throughout your property.

Dedicated Appliance Circuits

Major appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, freezers, washing machines and others require their own dedicated 20-amp appliance circuit. Many older homes lack dedicated circuits resulting in overloaded outlets and frequent tripping.

Ampco Electric runs new dedicated 20-amp circuits to appliances that need them. Benefits include:

We run all new circuit wiring from your main electrical panel to the appliance outlet. For island installations, wiring is discretely run below counters or inside cabinetry. The appliance is then powered off its own circuit with enough capacity so it won’t overload the outlet.

Dedicated circuits are especially important for:

Check your appliance manuals for recommended amperage. Let Ampco Electric provide the dedicated circuits your appliances need to run safely and efficiently. We also offer generator hookups for backup power.

Outdoor Outlet Installation

Outdoor outlets are extremely helpful for powering appliances, tools, lighting, electronics and more outside your home. We professionally install watertight, GFCI protected outdoor outlets to code.

Where We Install Outdoor Outlets

Popular outdoor outlet locations include:

Tell us where you need outdoor outlets and we’ll recommend the optimal placements. We’ll run wiring through attics, crawl spaces or along siding to connect new outdoor outlets to interior circuits.

Outdoor Outlet Types We Install

We install suitable outdoor outlets based on your location, needs and home exterior. All our outdoor outlets are durable and meet NEC safety standards. Contact Ampco Electric for help installing outdoor outlets at your Tulsa area home.

Generator and Backup Power Outlet Installation

Power outages can leave your home or business without electricity for heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration and more. Ampco Electric installs generator hookups and automatic transfer switches to supply backup electricity when the power goes out.

For whole-house backup power, we recommend installing:

We size components appropriately based on your backup power needs. Proper generator hookups allow you to safely power:

Generators allow you to maintain basic functions when grid power is disrupted. Contact Ampco Electric to install the right generator hookups and transfer switches to keep your home or business powered.

Whole House and Office Rewiring

If your home or office still has outdated 60 amp electrical panels, ungrounded two-prong outlets, frequent breaker trips, or inadequate circuits for modern loads, it likely needs complete rewiring.

Ampco Electric offers comprehensive whole-house rewiring services to upgrade undersized, outdated electrical systems. This involves:

We rewire one section at a time to minimize disruption in occupied homes and businesses. New electrical panels are sized according to your family size, appliance use and plans for expansions. You’ll gain safety, convenience and technology readiness.

Homes older than 40 years are prime candidates for complete rewiring. Contact Ampco Electric for a rewiring inspection and estimate.