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Tulsa Electrical Installation

Trust Tulsa's Top Electrical Service Provider - Ampco Electric

For over 25 years, Ampco Electric has been Tulsa’s trusted source for expert electrical solutions and quality workmanship. No matter the size or complexity, we can skillfully handle any residential or commercial electrical project to the highest standards.

Our master electricians have the advanced technical skills, hands-on experience, and commitment to safety required for flawless electrical installations and upgrades. We offer a full range of electrical services using state-of-the-art methods and materials.

Discover why Ampco Electric is the top choice among discerning homeowners and business owners across the Tulsa metro area. Our record of success stands on over 25 years of five-star electrical service.

Residential Electrical Services

Ampco Electric provides reliable and affordable residential electrical services homeowners can count on. From small upgrades to major rewiring projects, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Home Electrical Repairs

We offer prompt repair services to fix any issues with outlets, switches, fixtures, appliances circuits and more. Our electricians use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools combined with hands-on experience to pinpoint and correct electrical malfunctions. You can rely on quick response times and permanent solutions, not temporary quick fixes.Common repairs we professionally handle include:

Our repair expertise can have your household electrical running smoothly again in no time. We’ll clearly explain the issue and solution so you understand what caused the problem.

Home Electrical Panel Upgrades

Have the electrical capacity you need for today’s energy demands. We offer home breaker box upgrades to 200 amps or more. This allows you to run multiple appliances with ease, plus expand circuits for additions like a hot tub, EV charger, or workshop.

Our team will ensure:

A new breaker box can often be installed in just a day with minor disruption. Invest in enhanced electrical capacity and performance with panel upgrades from Ampco Electric.

Home Surge Protection

Power surges caused by lightning strikes or grid fluctuations can damage or destroy sensitive electronics and appliances. Protect your valuable equipment with whole house surge protectors professionally installed by our electricians.

We offer heavy-duty surge protectors designed to divert excess power safely away from your electrical system. You’ll safeguard your home from surges originating both outside and inside your home.

Home Backup Generators

Prepare your home with automatic backup power generation. We offer home standby generator installation so you can maintain electrical supply to essential circuits during grid power outages.

Our team will help select the ideal whole house generator based on your family’s needs:

Expect true peace of mind knowing you’ll stay comfortable even during prolonged blackouts.

Smart Home Upgrades

Ampco Electric specializes in installing and integrating the latest smart home automation systems. We can upgrade your home with voice or app-controlled lighting, thermostats, outlets, security systems and more. Our electrical experts will ensure all technologies work seamlessly together.

Dedicated Circuits

For appliances or equipment like freezers, air conditioners, medical devices, or workshop tools that can’t afford disrupted power, we’ll install dedicated electrical circuits direct from your breaker box. This prevents overloads and provides reliable standalone power reserve for that equipment alone.

Lighting Installs and Upgrades

Proper lighting in your home is about more than just illumination. We provide a range of residential lighting services to meet both practical and aesthetic lighting goals:

We’ll upgrade your residential lighting with eye-catching fixtures tailored to your home’s style.

Electrical Rewiring

If your home’s electrical system is dangerously outdated or insulation is deteriorating, a complete rewire may be necessary. We offer full-scale residential rewiring services to totally refresh your home’s electrical system for optimal safety and performance.

This involves:

Though a major undertaking, a rewiring sets your home up with an electrical system designed to serve you for decades. Our rewiring team minimizes mess and disruption during the process. We also coordinate with your other contractors seamlessly during renovations or new additions.

Commercial Electrical Services

Beyond homes, Ampco Electric also offers a full range of electrical services specially tailored to meet the needs of business owners and commercial properties.

We understand how vital functioning electrical systems are to business operations. Our commercial electricians can expertly handle projects of all sizes with minimal disruption to your organization.

New Construction

If you’re building new commercial facilities or expanding locations, Ampco Electric can manage all your electrical needs from planning to final testing

For new construction, we offer:

We stay on track with project timelines while building a commercial electrical system made to serve your business for decades.

Electrical Service and Repairs

Even robust commercial electrical systems require maintenance and repairs over years of use. We offer regular electrical preventative maintenance to detect issues before they disrupt business. Our technicians can also provide rapid response for any emergency electrical failures.

Common commercial repairs we handle include:

With our advanced diagnostic capabilities, we can troubleshoot any electrical issue quickly and recommend cost-effective solutions. We’ll work to minimize downtime whenever possible.

Lighting Design and Installation

Proper commercial lighting improves productivity, safety, and ambiance. Ampco Electric offers comprehensive lighting services including:

We’ll install all commercial lighting to the highest standard. Our team can also handle lighting maintenance and repairs as needed.

Electrical Signage

Electrical signs are one of the most effective ways to attract new business both day and night. We offer extensive experience with illuminated business sign installation including:

Ampco Electric has the expertise to handle all electrical signage needs from permits and installation to maintenance and repair. We’ll ensure your signs make the desired visual impact while complying with local codes.

EV Charging Stations

Accommodating electric vehicles is becoming a must for forward-thinking businesses. We can install high-powered Level 2 or DC fast chargers to allow EV charging for employees, fleet vehicles or customers.

Our team advises on:

Ampco Electric delivers full-service EV charger installation you can count on for heavy daily use.

Electrical Signage

Electrical signs are one of the most effective ways to attract new business both day and night. We offer extensive experience with illuminated business sign installation including:

Ampco Electric has the expertise to handle all electrical signage needs from permits and installation to maintenance and repair. We’ll ensure your signs make the desired visual impact while complying with local codes.

Why Choose Ampco Electric?

With so many options for electrical contractors in Tulsa, what makes Ampco Electric the top choice for homes and businesses?

25+ Years of Service Excellence

With over two decades of experience, our master electricians have seen it all. We’ve completed thousands of successful electrical projects across the Tulsa metro area. Our outstanding track record proves you can rely on Ampco Electric for perfect electrical solutions every time.

Rapid 24/7 Emergency Response

We understand electrical issues arise outside of regular hours. Ampco Electric offers guaranteed 24/7 emergency services in Tulsa so you’re never left without support. Our on-call electricians are available nights, weekends and holidays for urgent repairs.

Locally Owned and Operated

Ampco Electric is locally owned and operated right in Tulsa, OK. We are invested in the community and dedicated to hiring local residents and using local suppliers. The big national chains can’t match our commitment to the city we call home.

Upfront, Competitive Pricing

You’ll never encounter hidden fees or surprise charges working with Ampco Electric. We provide clear, competitive pricing upfront before starting so there are no cost misunderstandings. Our larger size allows us to offer very reasonable rates to Tulsa area clients.

Cutting-Edge Equipment and Methods

We stay on top of the latest advances in electrical materials and installation methods. Our electricians are highly trained to employ only proven, state-of-the-art electrical techniques and equipment for optimal performance and safety.

Meticulous Clean-Up

You can expect our electricians to work neatly and keep disruption minimal. We protect your property with drop cloths and carefully clean up all dust and materials when finished.

Contact Ampco Electric Today!

For all your residential or commercial electrical needs, call Ampco Electric at 918-775-3281 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Our master electricians are happy to assess any electrical project and provide upfront pricing.

We look forward to serving as your trusted electrical partner in Tulsa for many years to come. Our entire team is dedicated to delivering 100% satisfaction through every step of your project – contact us today!