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Tulsa electrical panel upgrade

Tulsa Electrical Panel Upgrade

Why You May Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Tulsa

If you live in an older home in Tulsa, chances are your electrical panel is outdated and insufficient for your current needs. Most homes built before 1980 have an electrical panel that is rated for 60-100 amps. But with most homes now having multiple appliances, electronics, and lighting fixtures that require electricity, a 100-amp panel often can’t meet the demand. Signs that you need to upgrade your Tulsa electrical panel include:

When your current electrical panel can’t meet the needs of your Tulsa home, it’s time to upgrade for safety, convenience and energy efficiency.

Why Ampco Electric is the Best Choice for a Tulsa Electrical Panel Upgrade

Experienced and Licensed Electricians

Our master electricians have the experience and expertise to handle any type of electrical panel upgrade. They stay current on the latest National Electrical Code (NEC) and local regulations to ensure your new panel meets all requirements.

Detailed Electrical Load Calculations

We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your home’s electrical needs so your new panel is sized correctly. This prevents the need for another upgrade down the road.

Wide Selection of Panel Options

Whether you need a 100 amp, 150 amp, 200 amp or 400 amp service panel, we’ll help you choose the right brand and type to match your home and budget. This includes major brands like Square D, GE and Siemens.

Whole Home Surge Protection

For optimal safety, we recommend installing whole home surge protection when replacing your panel. This protects all your electrical devices from power surges.

Circuit Breaker Panel or Fuse Panel Upgrade

If you currently have an outdated fuse box, we’ll install a new circuit breaker panel that offers better circuit protection. Breakers are also safer and more convenient than fuses.

Improved Safety Features

New electrical panels have advanced safety features like arc-fault circuit breakers that prevent electrical fires. Upgrading provides peace of mind.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer competitive pricing with flexible financing so you can get the electrical panel your home needs. Payment plans are available upon approved credit.

On-Time Service

You can rely on us to start and complete your electrical upgrade project on schedule with minimal disruption to your home.

Warrantied Work

We stand behind our upgrades with warranties on parts and labor so you know the job was done right.

What's Involved in Upgrading Your Electrical Panel?

Replacing an outdated electrical panel with a new modern one improves your home’s electrical safety and capacity. The upgrade process involves:

Upgrading your electrical service panel is a job best left to licensed electricians like those at Ampco Electric. We take care of all the permitting, installation work and follow-up so you avoid any hazards or code violations.

Why a 200 Amp Electrical Service is Recommended for Most Homes

For many older Tulsa homes, upgrading from an outdated 60 or 100 amp electrical panel to a new 200 amp service provides an ideal increase in capacity. There are several reasons we recommend a 200 amp panel for most homes:

For most Tulsa homeowners, upgrading to a 200 amp circuit breaker panel from an outdated 60 or 100 amp fuse box provides the perfect boost in electrical capacity to meet their needs now and for years to come.

What Does a 200 Amp Electrical Panel Upgrade Cost in Tulsa?

The cost to upgrade to a 200 amp electrical service panel in Tulsa averages $1,600-$2,500. However, the final price you pay depends on several factors:

We provide free detailed quotes for all panel upgrades after assessing your specific needs. For a 200 amp upgrade in the Tulsa area requiring a full panel swap with breakers and no other electrical line work, costs often range from $1,800 – $2,300 though prices can be higher or lower.

Upgrading is an important electrical investment that provides enhanced safety, value and convenience to your family for years to come. Ampco Electric offers affordable pricing and financing options to help Tulsa homeowners upgrade to 200 amp service.

Contact us at (918) 775-3281 to schedule a panel inspection and find out your options for upgrading today!

Selecting the Right 200 Amp Electrical Panel for Your Tulsa Home

Ampco Electric provides a wide selection of 200 amp electric panels from leading brands including:

Square D

The Square D QO line offers a variety of 200 amp circuit breaker panel options with plenty of spaces for breakers. They make a sturdy and dependable residential panel.


For a more affordable 200 amp panel choice, GE TLM series models are made for easier installation and provide great value and reliability.


Siemens 200 amp Para Line panels deliver next-generation smart technology, safety and power capacity for those wanting more advanced features.

The panel brands and models we install have all been UL-certified for optimal safety and reliability. When completing your 200 amp upgrade, we’ll help select the right panel for your budget and electrical system needs. We also have a range of panel styles and colors to match your home’s aesthetics.

Other Key New 200 Amp Panel Features:

Upgrading your outdated fuse box or smaller capacity panel to a new 200 amp model will provide the power, safety and versatility your Tulsa home needs.

200 Amp Electrical Panel Upgrade Step-by-Step Process

When you hire Ampco Electric to upgrade your home’s electrical service panel in Tulsa, we follow this standard process to ensure your new 200 amp panel is installed properly:

Initial Consultation

We meet with you to evaluate your current electrical panel, meters and wiring and assess your home’s needs. We then recommend an appropriate new 200 amp panel.

Permits & Preparation

We acquire any required permits, prepare the new panel with breakers, ground/neutral bars and disconnect. And we schedule a mutually convenient installation date.

Electrical Panel Installation Day

On the day of the upgrade, we disconnect power, remove old panel and wiring, install the new panel, transfer over circuits and wiring, reconnect to main.

Installation & Cleanup

New 200 amp panel is mounted securely, circuits labeled clearly, breaker operation confirmed and installation area cleaned up completely.

Follow-up Verification

Electricians verify proper operation of all electrical circuits and meters, test outlets, switches, appliances etc. throughout home.


You are provided documentation of completed 200 amp upgrade and we file all permits and paperwork with the city as required.

When performed by qualified electricians, the panel swap takes 4-6 hours with minor power interruptions. We strive make the process as quick, seamless, and safe as possible for our customers.

Contact Ampco Electric at (918) 775-3281 to get started on your 200 amp upgrade today!

Financing Options for Your Tulsa Panel Upgrade Project

We understand upgrading your home’s electrical panel is a large investment. That’s why Ampco Electric offers financing options to help you get the higher amperage service your home needs at affordable rates and terms:

Payment Plans

Break up the total project cost over 3, 6 or 12 manageable monthly payments with 0% APR options. Spreading payments out makes upgrades more convenient.

Credit Cards

We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Putting the charges on your card allows you to earn rewards too.

Home Improvement Loans/Financing

Outside financing like a home equity loan or improvement loan allow you to borrow at competitive rates and fold your panel upgrade into your mortgage for easy repayment over time.

Home Warranty Financing

Many home warranty companies like America Home Shield will fully or partially cover the cost of panel upgrades to assured code and safety compliance.

Energy Efficiency Rebates/Financing

Check for any utility company rebates or financing incentives available in Tulsa for upgrading to more energy efficient electrical equipment.

Don’t continue risking an outdated fuse box or panel just because you’re worried about cost. With Ampco Electric’s flexible financing options, Tulsa homeowners can get the modern electrical panel their home needs. Call us today at (918) 775-3281 for more information or to receive a free upgrade quote.

Why Choose Ampco Electric for Your Tulsa Electrical Panel Upgrade?

When you need to upgrade the electrical panel for your Tulsa home or business to a new 200 amp service, Ampco Electric has the experience, expertise and resources to do the job right. Here’s why customers continously choose us for their upgrade projects:

For an electrical panel upgrade performed safely and properly by trained experts using high quality equipment, trust the team at Ampco Electric. Contact us today for a free estimate without obligation. We serve all of Tulsa and surrounding areas.

Request a Free Quote on Your Tulsa Electrical Panel Upgrade

To learn more about upgrading your electrical service panel or to request a free estimate, contact the experts at Ampco Electric today at (918) 775-3281. You can also fill out our short online Request Estimate form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

We’ll provide a detailed quote outlining the recommended panel size, costs for the equipment, installation work and any repairs needed. We’ll also explain all your upgrade options so you know the benefits and costs.

Ampco Electric serves all of Tulsa metro including Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, Jenks, Sand Springs and surrounding communities. We install upgrades, repair electrical issues and provide maintenance for residential and commercial properties.

Don’t wait til you experience a tripped circuit, blown fuse or worse. Contact Ampco Electric today to get your electrical panel upgrade project started! Just a quick call to (918) 775-3281 connects you with Tulsa’s trusted electrical upgrade experts.