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Emergency Landscape Lighting Repair

Emergency Landscape Lighting Repair in Tulsa, OK

As a full-service residential electrician, Ampco Electric understands the value of exterior lighting for enhancing your home’s ambiance, security, and visual appeal at night. We know it’s frustrating when your landscape lights suddenly stop working and leave your yard shrouded in darkness. Trust our team for prompt after-hours emergency repairs to get your landscape lighting running again quickly.

Common Landscape Lighting Issues Requiring Emergency Repair

Outdoor landscape lighting systems exposed to weather and natural elements experience frequent problems needing electrical troubleshooting and repairs, such as:

Short Circuits

Moisture infiltration or loose, touching wires can cause short circuits tripping your lights. We’ll locate the damaged wires and make fully waterproof repairs.

Loose Connections

Vibration, expansion/contraction, and weather can loosen landscape light wires and connectors over time, interrupting lighting circuits. We re-secure all connections using corrosion-proof methods.

Corroded Wires and Terminals

Metal landscape light wires corrode when exposed to moisture, fertilizer, salt air, and other outdoor elements. This leads to lighting failures. We replace damaged wire runs and terminals.

Faulty Transformer

If your low voltage transformer overheats, fails to turn on, hums loudly, or doesn’t provide consistent lighting power flow, we’ll diagnose and replace it.

Broken Timer

For lights on an external programmable timer, we’ll troubleshoot and swap out the timer if it’s no longer functioning properly or keeping time accurately.

Burnt-Out Bulbs

We’ll survey your system and replace any burned-out incandescent, LED, or halogen bulbs causing dark spots in your lighting.

Rodent Damage

Chewed or severed landscape light wiring creates hazardous fire and shock risks. We’ll repair any damage and add protective conduit.

Accidental Wire Damage

Digging, aerating, rodents, or garden tools can accidentally slice landscape wires. We’ll splice any severed wiring runs.

Tree Roots

Expanding tree roots can crush underground light wiring, interrupting circuits. We’ll repair or re-route affected wiring as needed.

Voltage Issues

Problems with transformer voltage output, such as spikes or brownouts, can damage lighting components. We’ll troubleshoot and correct voltage regulation issues.

Failing Fixtures

Older corroded or water-damaged lighting fixtures having issues must be replaced to maintain lighting performance.

Flood Damage

Moisture seeping into fixtures causes corrosion, short circuits, and functional failures. We seal leaks and replace flooded lights.

Storm Damage

Strong winds can detach, topple, or damage landscape lighting fixtures. We’ll repair or replace any storm damaged components.


Unfortunately, outdoor lights attract occasional tampering or destruction. We’ll repair any vandalism damage discovered.

Emergency Landscape Lighting Repair Process

When your landscape lighting suddenly goes dark, call Ampco Electric anytime 24/7 for immediate assistance. Our emergency repair process includes:

Service Call

You’ll speak directly to a knowledgeable representative who will schedule an urgent repair visit.

On-Site Diagnosis

Our technician will walk the property after dark to locate issues making your lights inoperable.

Temporary Lighting

We carry portable, battery-powered landscape lights to temporarily illuminate walkways and entries for safety until repairs are complete.

Fault Isolation

Through circuit testing, inspection, and diagnostic analysis, we’ll determine the exact causes of lighting failures.

Hazard Protection

Any exposed bare wires are immediately insulated or capped to prevent shocks, sparks, or fires.

Targeted Repairs

Knowing the root problems allows our electricians to make precise, efficient repairs correctly resolving issues.

Restoration Testing

We thoroughly test all lighting circuits after repairs to ensure problems are fully resolved before leaving the site.

Wire and Component Replacements

Where wiring or fixtures are damaged beyond repair, we replace with new high-quality components meeting electrical codes.

Preventative Care

We advise on any proactive maintenance needed to prevent future lighting failures and extend system lifespan.

Clean Work Site

All work areas are cleaned up, holes filled, and lawns/beds/pavement restored to their original condition when finished.

Safety Walkthrough

We perform a final walkthrough with you to validate all lighting is working safely and properly after repairs.

Service Documentation

Detailed invoices outline the specific repairs made and components replaced for your records.

Follow-Up Call

We contact you the next day to ensure repairs are still performing properly.

Common Outdoor Lighting Repairs

With expertise across all facets of residential exterior lighting, Ampco Electric can quickly troubleshoot and repair any issue to restore your landscape lighting after dark. We commonly perform these key repairs:

Loose Wire Repair

We re-secure any loose conductor wires causing intermittent operation or shorts. Reliable connections prevent future faults and failures.

Corroded Wire Replacement

Corroded, damaged landscape wires must be replaced to avoid continual lighting problems and fire risks. We use corrosion-resistant copper wiring.

Transformer Replacement

Faulty transformers will be diagnosed and replaced with properly rated, UL-listed low voltage transformers for optimal lighting power.

Timer Repair

For timed lighting, we’ll repair or replace broken electromechanical and digital programmable timers so lighting schedules function automatically again.

Fixture Rewiring

We correct any wiring errors made during original installation that cause hazardous operation and illumination issues.

Fuse Replacement

Faulty fuses that fail to protect your lighting circuits are replaced to prevent hazards and darkness.

Bulb Replacement

We stock LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs for all common outdoor lighting fixtures to replace burnt-out bulbs on the spot.

Motion Sensor Adjustment

Faulty motion sensors activating lights improperly are repaired and realigned for proper automatic operation.

Photocell Repair

Malfunctioning photocells not turning lights on/off at the right ambient light levels are adjusted or replaced as needed.

Lighting Control Panel Repairs

For homes with integrated lighting control systems, we diagnose and repair any failures in control panels, modules, or connections.

Light Fixture Repairs

We troubleshoot and fix defective fixture wiring, sockets, mounts, seals, and lenses to restore lighting operation and safety.

Underground Cable Repairs

Buried landscape lighting cables damaged by digging, rodents, or ground movement are located and repaired.

GFCI Circuit Breaker Installation

We recommend installing GFCI breakers providing shock protection for all outdoor lighting circuits.

Surge Protector Installation

Power surges can damage lighting components. We recommend installing advanced surge protectors.

Tree Pruning

Overgrown tree limbs blocking light or damaging wires are professionally pruned to maintain light levels.

Protect Systems from Future Failures

In addition to repairing existing issues, Ampco Electric offers these proactive enhancements:

Lighting Control Upgrade

Automated lighting controls provide convenient scheduling, occupancy/ambient light activation, and save energy.

Surge Protection

Installing surge suppressors protects components from electrical spikes and lightning strikes.

Wire Burial

Burying exposed low voltage wiring in conduit prevents future shorts, corrosion, accidents, and tampering.

Rodent Deterrents

We install wire guards, rock barriers, and seal openings to keep pests away from wiring.

Tree Trimming

Removing overgrown tree limbs prevents light blockage and damage from falling branches.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Plan

Ongoing maintenance ensures years of enjoyment from your lighting investment.

System Expansion

We can add lighting to new landscape features, paths, vegetation areas, and hardscape additions.

Sensor Installation

Occupancy and ambient light sensors provide automated lighting control reducing energy consumption.

Smart Lighting Integration

We can tie landscape lights into home automation systems for total property lighting control.

Warranty Upgrades

Extend fixture warranties from 1-3 years to 5-10 years for extended coverage.


Have your lighting winterized each fall to prevent freeze damage to components.

Repair Insurance

Optional repair insurance covers parts and labor for future lighting failures and repairs.

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

Don’t spend another night with non-functional landscape lighting leaving your property shrouded in darkness. Call Ampco Electric anytime for prompt after-hours lighting repairs. We have the tools, expertise, responsiveness, and stocked trucks to get your landscape brightly relit again quickly. Contact us 24/7 for reliable emergency landscape lighting services you can count on.

Why Choose Ampco Electric?

Ampco Electric offers comprehensive electrical services to diagnose and repair any landscape lighting issue. Benefits of choosing us include:

25+ Years Experience

Our expertise across thousands of homes allows us to quickly troubleshoot any lighting problem.

24/7 Live Service

Real agents answer calls anytime to schedule urgent repairs.

Fully Stocked Vehicles

We carry components to complete most repairs on the spot.

Licensed & Insured

Our technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

Manufacturer Certified

We’re certified by leading outdoor lighting brands including Kichler, FX, Vista, and more.

Emergency Response

Our electricians are on-call after hours to respond rapidly to lighting emergencies.

Safety Focus

We isolate and secure hazards immediately.

Landscape Friendly

We carefully protect your landscape from damage when making repairs.

Detailed Invoices

Invoices transparently outline repairs performed.


We back repairs with a workmanship warranty.

For proven expertise restoring your outdoor lighting, rely on Ampco Electric anytime darkness strikes. We have the experience, gear, and responsiveness to get your landscape brightly illuminated again quickly!

Landscape Lighting Repair Process

When you call Ampco Electric for emergency landscape lighting repairs, here is the full process you can expect:

1. Service Call

Call our emergency line anytime 24/7. A live agent will gather details about your lighting issues and schedule a rapid response.

2. Arrival

Our technician will arrive promptly with a fully stocked truck equipped for repairs. We’ll evaluate issues and explain the process.

3. Temporary Lighting

For safety, we’ll use portable battery-powered lights to temporarily illuminate walkways and entries during repairs.

4. Diagnostics

We’ll perform circuit testing, component analysis, and visual inspection after dark to isolate the source(s) of failure.

5. Fault Protection

Any exposed wires are immediately insulated or capped to eliminate electrocution and fire risks.

6. Repair Plan

Understanding your problems allows us to outline repair options and make recommendations. We’ll discuss the plan with you and answer any questions before proceeding.

7. Precision Repairs

With approval, our technician will make targeted repairs to correctly resolve the issues discovered. We focus on quality and reliability.

8. Restoration Testing

Once repairs are complete, we thoroughly test all lighting circuits to verify normal operation has been restored.

9. Replacements

For components damaged beyond repair, we’ll replace wires, fixtures, transformers, timers, and other parts with high-quality new ones meeting codes.

10. Preventative Care

We’ll advise on any maintenance or enhancements recommended to improve lighting lifecycle and prevent future breakdowns.

11. Site Cleanup

All work areas will be cleaned up and restored to their original condition when finished.

12. Final Walkthrough

We’ll do a final walkthrough with you to ensure all lighting is working properly before departure.

13. Documentation

You’ll receive a detailed invoice outlining repairs made and warranty coverage for your records.

14. Follow-Up

We’ll call the next day to check that repairs are still performing satisfactorily after we leave.

Landscape Lighting Types We Repair

Ampco Electric has experience troubleshooting and repairing all varieties of residential outdoor lighting, including:

Path Lights

Line walkways and stairs.

Step Lights

Illuminate decks, porches, and terraces.

Deck Lights

Shed light for outdoor entertaining areas.

Pond Lights

– Accent backyard ponds and water features.

Flood Lights

Provide bright illumination and security.

Accent Lighting

Highlight architectural and landscape focal points.

Deck Rail Lights

Run lighting along deck and porch railings.

In-Ground Well Lights

Light up trees, walls, and vegetation.

Landscape Spotlights

Focus pinpoint light on design elements.

Low-Voltage Cable Lighting

Outline landscaping with continuous accent lighting.

Solar Landscape Lights

Self-contained solar-powered path lights.

LED Landscape Lighting

Energy efficient LEDs foraccent, security, and flood lighting.

Voltage Transformers

Convert household current for low voltage systems.


Programmable and astronomical timers controlling lighting schedules.

Motion Sensors

Automated activation when movement is detected.


Automated on/off control based on ambient light levels.

Lighting Controls

Integrated home automation lighting control panels and remotes.

Landscape Lighting Repair FAQs

Browse our extensive landscape lighting repair FAQs:

Old lamps and transformers reduce brightness over years of use. We can replace aging components to restore optimal lighting levels.

Repair costs depend on the specific issues diagnosed. Loose connections or single fixture repairs may range $200-300, while more extensive wiring or transformer replacements average $500-800. We provide a quote after assessing your system.

Yes, we are certified to repair all major outdoor lighting brands including Kichler, FX, Vista, Hadco, Malibu, and more. We stock many replacement parts on board.

We can complete minor repairs in 1-2 hours typically. More involved troubleshooting and wire replacements average 3-5 hours. We may recommend temporarily leaving lights overnight for large jobs.

Anytime your lighting begins flickering, dimming, turning off unexpectedly, or shows other abnormal operation, repairs should be made before total failure occurs for convenience and safety.

Trust Ampco Electric as your one-stop provider for expert landscape lighting repairs and enhancements. We have the experience, parts inventory, and responsiveness to resolve any exterior lighting issue promptly and safely. Call us 24/7 for reliable lighting repair services keeping your landscape bright! at 918-775-3281