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Tulsa Electrical Installation

Electrical System Evaluations in Tulsa, OK

Looking to get a comprehensive evaluation of your Tulsa electrical system? As a leading electrical contractor serving Tulsa for over 25 years, Ampco Electric, Inc has the expertise to thoroughly inspect, test, and analyze your home or business’ electrical system and provide solutions to improve safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Why Choose Ampco Electric for Your Tulsa Electrical System Evaluation?

With a professional Tulsa electrical system evaluation from our NABCEP certified electricians, you can:

Our 25+ years of experience, NABCEP certified electricians, use of the latest diagnostic tools, and dedication to personalized customer service is why homeowners and businesses in Tulsa choose Ampco Electric for electrical system evaluations over other electrical contractors.

What's Included in Our Electrical System Evaluation

A comprehensive Ampco Electric electrical system evaluation includes multiple inspection and testing procedures tailored to your specific electrical needs. Some key elements of our evaluations include:

Thorough Visual Inspection

We’ll begin by thoroughly examining all exposed components of your electrical system to check for issues like:

Circuit Load Testing

Using professional load testing devices, we’ll analyze the load on your electrical circuits to identify:

This allows us to determine optimal circuit capacity for your home or business needs.

Grounding & Bonding Testing

Proper grounding/bonding safeguards you from shocks and protects equipment from damage. We test grounding and bonding systems for:

Voltages outside optimal ranges damage equipment and cause lights to dim. Voltage drop tests check for:

Voltage Drop Measurement

This allows us to pinpoint and remedy causes of low or high voltage.

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Additional Testing

Extra testing applicable to your electrical system may include:

We will determine any additional evaluations needed once we fully understand your electrical system and its uses.

Electrical Safety Inspection & Risk Assessment

Safety is our top priority when evaluating your Tulsa electrical system. We will provide a complete safety inspection and risk assessment covering:

National Electrical Code Compliance

We thoroughly check your electrical system against NEC regulations and confirm any necessary remediations and upgrades. This ensures your system meets required safety standards.

Condition of Electrical Equipment

We inspect the physical condition of all system equipment including the main panel, subpanels, breakers, meters, switches, outlets, wiring, and more to check for damage, wear, or needed repairs.

Labeling & Signage

Properly labeled and marked electrical equipment helps prevent accidents. We confirm all necessary labeling is in place.

Shock & Fire Hazards

We thoroughly check your home or business for potential electrical hazards like exposed wiring, overloaded circuits, faulty appliances, and more. Any identified risks will be documented.

Emergency Preparedness

Proper emergency electrical system features like surge protection, backup power, and redundancy are evaluated. We note any lacking protections.

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Discuss your Electrical Safety Concerns

Once we’ve fully evaluated safety, you’ll receive a detailed risk analysis outlining areas needing improvement to protect occupants and property.

What Happens After Your Electrical System Evaluation?

Once our Tulsa electricians have thoroughly evaluated your electrical system, you’ll receive a comprehensive report on our findings that includes:

We will review the full evaluation results with you to ensure you understand what was uncovered and get your input on next steps. Our goal is always full transparency and collaboration.

We will assist with any repairs or upgrades you wish to proceed with after the evaluation. You can count on prompt, skilled work and fair pricing.

Why Choose Ampco Electric for Electrical Work in Tulsa, OK?

In addition to electrical system evaluations, Ampco Electric provides a full range of residential and commercial electrical services in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas.

25+ Years of Experience

With over two decades of experience, our master electricians have seen it all and can handle any electrical need. We’ve been serving Tulsa area clients since 1999.

NABCEP Certified Electricians

Our team includes NABCEP certified electrical professionals who are experts in solar PV systems, energy storage, and efficiency.

24/7 Emergency Services

We offer around the clock electrical emergency services so we’re always available when you need immediate assistance.

Superior Safety Training

All electricians are rigorously trained and follow strict safety protocols to ensure your protection. Licenses and insurance are kept up-to-date.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We use the most advanced diagnostic tools and equipment for thorough electrical inspections and flawless repairs.

Whole-Home Services

We handle all your residential electrical needs from system evaluations and panel upgrades to wiring, lighting, surge protection and more.

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Commercial & Industrial Services

Our extensive commercial electrical services include evaluations, maintenance, repairs, new construction, LED lighting upgrades, backup power, and everything in between.

Affordable Pricing

We always provide upfront pricing and work with your budget to make electrical services affordable. Financing plans available.

For first-class electrical services and safety inspections in the greater Tulsa area, choose Ampco Electric! Reach out today at (918) 775-3281 for your free estimate. Our master electricians are here to help with any electrical need.

Why Tulsa Homeowners and Businesses Need Professional Electrical System Evaluations

Have the skilled electricians at Ampco Electric thoroughly inspect, test, and evaluate your Tulsa electrical system. Identifying issues before they become emergencies prevents power failures, electrical fires, equipment damage, and other major problems.

Benefits of Ampco Electric's Comprehensive Electrical System Evaluations

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Schedule a Comprehensive Evaluation

With over 25 years of experience and NABCEP certified electricians, Ampco Electric has the expertise to deliver thorough, accurate electrical system evaluations that provide total peace of mind. Keep reading to learn exactly what’s included.

What's Checked During a Professional Electrical System Evaluation?

Ampco Electric’s electrical system evaluations are tailored to each client’s specific needs and property type. However, our comprehensive inspections generally include:

Thorough Visual Inspection of All System Components

Electricians will closely examine all exposed parts of your electrical system to check for:

Circuit Load Testing to Detect Overloads

Using advanced power meters, we’ll analyze the electricity flow through your home or business’ circuits. This identifies:

Load testing ensures your system has adequate circuit capacity.

Infrared Scanning to Find Electrical Faults

Infrared cameras detect abnormal heat in electrical systems that signal issues like:

This cutting-edge technology pinpoints faults before failures occur.

Grounding & Bonding Inspection for Safety

Our electricians will thoroughly test your electrical grounding/bonding systems for:

This guards against electrocution and protects your appliances.

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Voltage Drop Measurement to Detect Wiring Problems

Voltage tests determine if your system’s wiring is:

We’ll remedy any wiring issues contributing to problems with voltage.

Additional Testing Based on Your Electrical System

We determine any further evaluations needed after inspecting your system such as:

Our goal is to be as thorough as possible when inspecting your electrical system.

Detailed Electrical Safety Inspection and Risk Assessment

In addition to testing your electrical system, Ampco Electric will provide a comprehensive electrical safety inspection and risk analysis covering:

Code Compliance Inspection

We thoroughly check your system against National Electrical Code regulations and local codes. Any identified noncompliant components will be documented.

Condition Evaluation of All Equipment

The physical condition of equipment like your electrical panel, wires, meters, breakers, outlets, and switches will be inspected for damage, repairs needed, or replacements required.

Signage and Labeling

Proper labeling and markings on electrical equipment will be checked to prevent confusion and accidents.

Identification of Fire and Shock Hazards

We inspect your entire property for potential electrical fire and shock hazards like damaged appliances, exposed wires, water leaks near electricity, etc.

Emergency Systems Assessment

We evaluate backup power sources, surge protectors, redundancy, and other emergency electrical protections needed to keep your home or business running in a crisis.

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Get a FREE Safety Inspection!

After evaluating risks, we provide a detailed safety report outlining areas for improvement to protect your property and occupants.

What Happens After Your Tulsa Electrical System Evaluation?

Once our expert electricians complete your system inspection and testing, here’s what you’ll receive:

We will also thoroughly review results with you and answer all your questions. Our goal is transparency and collaboration.

If you wish to move forward with repairs or upgrades, Ampco Electric will provide prompt, skilled work at fair prices. We also offer financing options to make recommended improvements affordable.

Don’t wait until small electrical issues become huge headaches. Schedule your system evaluation today!

Affordable Electrical Safety Inspections Protect Tulsa Homes & Businesses

Electrical fires result in over $1 billion in property damage annually across the United States. Don’t let your Tulsa property become a statistic when Ampco Electric can thoroughly inspect your system.

Investing in periodic electrical safety inspections reduces risk and provides total peace of mind. We offer comprehensive evaluations, testing, and risk assessments starting at just $250 for a small home or apartment. Larger homes with more electrical systems and commercial properties are just slightly more.

Compare this small charge to the incredible value of:

A minor fee for a professional evaluation from Ampco Electric seems like a bargain when weighed against the consequences of undiscovered electrical dangers.

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Don’t live another day in uncertainty about hazards lurking in your electrical system. Call Ampco Electric today and make electrical safety inspections a routine part of protecting your property!

Why Ampco Electric is the #1 Choice for Electrical Work in Tulsa, OK

For over 25 years, Ampco Electric has been the go-to source for reliable, expert electrical services for Tulsa, OK area homes and businesses. Some key reasons we’re highly trusted include:

For first-rate electrical services from a trusted local Tulsa electrical contractor, choose Ampco Electric! Contact us at (918) 775-3281 today.