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Tulsa smart lighting systems

Smart Lighting Systems in Tulsa by Ampco Electric, Inc

Experience Next Generation Lighting Automation with Ampco Electric

Lighting plays a crucial role in commercial spaces, impacting aesthetics, ambiance, productivity, safety and bottom line utility costs. That’s why business owners and facility managers in Tulsa are upgrading to smart lighting systems – an advanced lighting control solution that automates light use based on conditions and preferences.

With over years serving Tulsa, Ampco Electric has unmatched expertise designing, installing and programming fully integrated smart lighting systems that maximize energy efficiency. By combining LED fixtures, occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and our proprietary control platform, we create a custom-tailored system that reduces light-related electricity consumption by 50-90%.

Ampco Electric’s smart lighting improves lighting quality, enhances safety and security, and provides real-time analytics on usage – all while freeing up budgets. See why Tulsa building owners trust us as the leading provider of lighting automation and commercial lighting services.

Benefits of Smart Lighting for Tulsa Businesses

Intelligent lighting control offers numerous advantages over traditional lighting. Ampco Electric’s smart lighting systems deliver:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Improved Light Quality & Custom Control

Advanced Analytics & Management

Increased Safety & Security

Smart lighting delivers next-level illumination while maximizing savings and minimizing hassles. Ampco Electric helps Tulsa businesses unlock the full benefits with customized smart system design and installation.

Energy Efficiency

Motion sensors, ambient light harvesting, zoning, scheduling – Tulsa businesses can realize 50-90% reductions in electricity costs by installing Ampco’s intelligent lighting controls. Your lights turn off when spaces are unoccupied and dim when sufficient natural daylight is available, eliminating waste. Our systems also allow zoning and schedules optimized for each area’s unique usage. Save big on your utility bills each month.

Lighting Quality

With smart lighting, you’re not sacrificing illumination for efficiency. In fact, Ampco Electric’s solutions enhance lighting quality through features like tunable fixtures offering different color temperatures to match any activity or mood. Individuals can customize their spaces with wall controls and mobile apps. Preset “scenes” allow one-touch adjustments for different occasions. Get the right light where and when you need it.

Centralized Control & Analytics

Ampco’s intelligent lighting solutions centralize control while providing usage analytics. Our user-friendly dashboards allow remote monitoring and adjustments from any web-connected device. Facility managers gain valuable lighting data to inform additional efficiency strategies. And with proactive maintenance protocols, you receive alerts for issues before outages occur. Easy integration with existing building automation systems adds another layer of convenient command.

Safety & Security

Smart lighting enhances visibility and coverage for safer, more secure facilities. Integrated emergency lighting solutions activate instantly during power failures. Automated hazard alerts notify managers promptly if bulbs burn out or fixtures fail. And with remote access and monitoring, Ampco’s team can provide rapid response day or night should urgent issues arise. Illuminate risks and enhance peace of mind.

Ideal Applications for Smart Lighting in Tulsa

Intelligent lighting solutions offer advantages across virtually any commercial setting. Some of the most impactful Tulsa applications include:

Office Spaces

Motion-activated lighting in collaborative areas, schedule-based control for desks


Zone lighting and dimming where natural light sufficient

Manufacturing Facilities

Automated adjustments matching processes and line speeds


Daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, emergency fixtures

Healthcare Facilities

Tunable lighting for therapies, 24/7 motion-based lighting


Scene configuration for ambiance, integration with smart thermostats

Retail Stores & Restaurants

Spotlights, accent lighting, schedules for business hours

Outdoor Lighting

Photocell on/off controls, scheduled dimming

These are just some examples – smart lighting systems bring benefits across sectors. Our Tulsa team tailors the automation to your specific environment.

Smart Lighting for Offices

For Tulsa offices and coworking spaces, smart lighting reduces energy costs while enhancing the workplace. Motion sensors activate illumination in conference rooms, break areas and corridors only when occupied. Employees can personalize their spaces with wall controls and mobile apps. And managers set schedules matching business hours and employee arrival/departure patterns. Promote productivity and comfort while cutting waste.

Smart Lighting for Warehouses

Warehouses offer prime opportunities for intelligent lighting with abundant natural light and sporadic occupancy. Ampco Electric implements zoned dimming and tuning to reduce electrical lighting usage in areas near skylights and windows. Motion sensors also activate aisle lighting only when workers pass through. Lower your warehouse’s energy consumption and costs through smart automation.

Smart Lighting for Manufacturing

Sync your lighting with production lines and machine speeds for safety and savings in manufacturing facilities. Through integration with equipment controls, Ampco Electric configures changing light levels and activations matching your processes. Alerts also provide maintenance teams advance notice of bulb issues to prevent interruptions. Boost output while cutting kilowatt-hours.

Smart Lighting for Schools

Automated daylight harvesting and occupancy controls make smart lighting a smart investment for Tulsa schools. With ambient light sensors, electrical lights only supplement when classroom natural light is inadequate. Motion detectors also ensure unoccupied rooms remain dark when not in use. Emergency backup solutions provide essential peace of mind.

Smart Lighting for Healthcare

From exam rooms to patient rooms, smart lighting enhances care in healthcare settings while reducing energy waste. Automated adjustments create the right ambiance for various times of day and procedures. Tunable lighting also enables therapies requiring specific lighting conditions. And around-the-clock motion activation increases visibility for safety in low traffic night hours.

Smart Lighting for Hospitality

Hotels, event spaces and restaurants benefit from smart lighting’s ability to preset “scenes” for different occasions. Front desk staff easily adjust lobby lighting for daytime and evening ambiance. Banquet halls configure perfect settings for weddings, conferences and more. And tabletop accent lighting adds drama in dining rooms. Set the stage for outstanding guest experiences.

Smart Lighting for Retail

Display your products in the best light with Ampco’s retail smart lighting solutions. Front window and signage illumination automatically adjust for sunset, sunrise and holidays. Spotlights showcase high-margin items and drive impulse purchases. And back-office automation aligns with employee hours. Create an inviting, dynamic retail environment that boosts sales.

Smart Lighting for Exteriors

Smart controls for parking areas, pathways, signage and perimeter security lighting increase Tulsa properties’ curb appeal, safety and sustainability. Photocell sensors activate only when ambient light is low so fixtures run fewer nighttime hours. Scheduled dimming further reduces usage during off-peak periods. Enjoy maximum visibility and energy optimization outdoors.

The Ampco Electric Difference

With smart lighting, the quality of hardware and software is key. Ampco Electric only selects and installs products from industry-leading manufacturers. Our systems integrate:

LED Fixtures

Long-lasting, energy efficient bulbs with instant On/Off

Advanced Sensors

Accurate motion, ambient light detection

Proprietary Software

User dashboards, automation programming

Electrical Controls

Switches, dimmers, wiring

These are just some examples – smart lighting systems bring benefits across sectors. Our Tulsa team tailors the automation to your specific environment.

Design & Project Management

Installation & Integration

Programming & Configuration

Quality Components

The success of your lighting automation begins with the technology components. Ampco Electric only partners with industry leaders like Lutron, Acuity, Cree and others to incorporate best-in-class:

By selecting top shelf components, we ensure reliable performance and simplicity.

Experienced Commissioning

Just as important as the technology is our expertise installing, integrating, programming, and activating it. With over 1,000 smart lighting projects completed, Ampco brings deep know-how to your custom configuration including:

You gain peace of mind knowing your automated lighting system will deliver as promised.

Start Saving with Smart Lighting in Tulsa

With rising energy costs in Tulsa, now is the ideal time to upgrade your dated, inefficient lighting. The lighting experts at Ampco Electric make sure you get maximum savings with a solution tailored to your space.

To get started with smart lighting or discuss options for your facility, call (918) 775-3281 to schedule your free consultation and assessment. With over 40 years of experience in Tulsa’s electrical systems, we’ll ensure you choose the optimal setup to maximize energy and cost reductions while meeting your unique lighting needs. Invest in a smarter system for a brighter and more profitable future.

Free Consultation

Contact Ampco Electric today at (918) 775-3281 to schedule your free smart lighting consultation. We’ll visit your Tulsa facility, evaluate lighting challenges, discuss automation options, and provide a customized estimate for upgrading your system. With our decades of experience and product-neutral approach, we deliver impartial advice that best meets your specific needs.

Return on Investment

Smart lighting solutions pay for themselves through drastic energy savings, then continue delivering reduced utility costs for years. Ampco Electric considers ROI as we design your system, targeting 50-90% cuts in lighting-related electricity usage. The energy and maintenance savings typically offset the system cost within 3 years or less. Enjoy the benefits of new efficient lighting with fast payback.

Complimentary Assessment

Ready to explore how smart lighting can transform your Tulsa facility? Ampco Electric provides a complimentary lighting assessment including a walkthrough of your existing fixtures, areas of efficiency opportunity, and projected costs and savings from new LEDs and lighting controls. See firsthand how automation can improve light quality while reducing energy waste through sensors, tuning and scheduling. Get your custom roadmap today.