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Electrical Code Compliance in Tulsa, OK

Meeting Electrical Code Requirements with Ampco Electric

Electrical systems in both residential and commercial buildings in Tulsa must adhere to city, state, and national electrical codes and standards to ensure safety. As a licensed and insured electrician service in Tulsa for over 25 years, Ampco Electric has extensive experience with electrical code compliance. We keep up-to-date with the latest editions of the National Electrical Code (NEC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, and local Tulsa requirements. Our electricians can handle all aspects of electrical code compliance for your Tulsa property.

Importance of Electrical Code Compliance

Electrical codes exist to protect people, buildings, and property from electrical fires, shock hazards, and dangerous failures. Code requirements cover all electrical components including wiring, circuits, panels, devices, and equipment. Meeting code is mandatory in Tulsa and not optional. The city regularly inspects electrical work done on existing and new constructions.

Violations can result in citations, fines, or orders to redo the work. Trust our Tulsa electricians from Ampco Electric to follow the necessary codes and get your passing inspection on the first try.

Tulsa Electrical Code Compliance Services

Ampco Electric provides the following electrical code compliance services throughout Tulsa, OK:

New electrical system installation

We design and install new electrical systems for residential builds and commercial construction according to Tulsa code. This includes wiring, lighting, equipment, generators, and distribution.

Existing electrical system upgrades

Upgrading or expanding electrical service in your existing Tulsa home or building requires meeting current codes. We identify what needs upgrading and complete the work to pass inspection.

Electrical repair and troubleshooting

Any repairs or fixes made to your Tulsa electrical system must meet code compliance. Our electricians ensure this while resolving your electrical issues.

Pre-sale electrical inspections

Before selling your Tulsa home, we perform a thorough electrical inspection and identify any issues that may fail a city inspection. We can fix these ahead of listing your home.

Pre-purchase electrical inspections

We inspect the electrical system of a home or building you are considering purchasing in the Tulsa area. Our reports indicate any problems that need addressing to meet codes.

Load calculations

We conduct load calculations on new and existing electrical systems to determine if they meet code for the building’s electrical needs according to NEC standards.

Electrical troubleshooting and repair

Any electrical issues that arise in your Tulsa property are resolved while ensuring continued code compliance.

Tulsa Electrical Codes and Standards

Staying compliant with changing Tulsa electrical codes and standards requires specialized electrical knowledge and experience. Ampco Electric keeps up-to-date on the latest editions of the following that apply to Tulsa:

National Electrical Code (NEC)

The NEC is the foundation for safe electrical installations. Tulsa follows the 2017 NEC with local amendments.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards

For fire safety, Tulsa utilizes NFPA 70, 70E, and 78 standards.

International Building Code

The IBC contains electrical provisions adopted by Tulsa.

International Building Code

The IBC contains electrical provisions adopted by Tulsa.

Tulsa Municipal Code

The city’s municipal code contains the local Tulsa amendments to the NEC and other codes.

OSHA Regulations

For workplace safety, OSHA electrical standards apply.

Our Tulsa electricians are trained and experienced with these codes and standards. We know what the city inspectors look for and will comply with their requirements.

Local Certified Electricians Perform Your Tulsa Electrical Work

At Ampco Electric, we maintain top local and state electrical licenses. Our electricians are fully bonded and insured for your protection as well. We have an excellent track record for passing Tulsa electrical inspections with few callbacks. Contact us for rapid response and superior workmanship that adheres to Tulsa electrical codes. Our electricians also provide upfront pricing with no surprise costs.

For safe and compliant electrical work in Tulsa, call Ampco Electric at 918-775-3281 today! Regular Electrical Inspections and Maintenance

We recommend regular electrical inspections and maintenance to keep your Tulsa property’s systems running safely and efficiently. Minor issues can become major hazards if left unaddressed. Our licensed electricians can inspect:

Main panels and subpanels

We check for signs of corrosion, damaged breakers, loose connections, and adequate capacity.


All accessible wiring is inspected for damage, fraying, loose connections, and code violations

Outlets and switches

We ensure correct wiring, grounding, and no loose connections. GFCI outlets are tested.

Lights and lighting controls

Light fixtures and lamps are checked for defects along with switches, dimmers, and smart controls.

Appliance connections

We inspect wiring, outlets, and hookups for appliances, HVAC units, water heaters, and electronics

Grounding and bonding

Testing verifies grounding and bonding exists where required by code for safety.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

We ensure proper operation and locations per Tulsa code requirements.

Load calculations

If additions or modifications have been made, we re-calculate electrical loads and compare to your existing electric service capacity.

Our licensed electricians provide a detailed inspection report indicating any issues found, code violations that exist, and recommended repairs and upgrades. We can fix minor problems immediately and will provide estimates for any major work required.

Safety should be the top priority for your Tulsa electrical systems. Keep your home, business, or commercial property compliant with regular electrical inspections from Ampco Electric. We provide thorough, professional inspections along with fair and honest repairs. Protect your investment and gain peace of mind by calling our team for an electrical inspection today!

Common Electrical Issues Found During Inspections

Here are some of the most common electrical issues we find during inspections of residential and commercial buildings in Tulsa:

Outdated wiring

Homes over 20 years old often have older wiring that may not meet current electrical code requirements. Common problems include insufficient wire gauge for added loads, ungrounded wires, aluminum wiring, knob and tube wiring, and lack of AFCI/GFCI protection. These can present safety risks.

Overloaded circuits

When too many devices run on one circuit, it can overload and trip breakers. This indicates the electrical panel may need upgraded with additional circuits.

Grounding problems – Inadequate or missing grounding puts you at risk of electrical shock. Every outlet and switch should be properly grounded.


Faulty GFCI/AFCI outlets

These special outlets protect from shocks and arc faults/fires. We test all GFCIs and check panels for up-to-code AFCI breakers.

Poor electrical connections

Loose wires and faulty connections can arc, overheat, and cause fires. Our electricians thoroughly check connections.

Damaged breakers and fuses

Malfunctioning or damaged breakers and fuses need replacement to prevent dangerous electrical failures.

Corroded and damaged panels

Moisture and corrosion in the main and subpanels can lead to issues like short circuits.

Exposed wiring

Wires should never be exposed where damage could occur. This is especially unsafe in garage, attic, and basement areas.

Improper lighting

Missing bulbs, dead fixtures, improper wattage, and lack of NFPA-recommended lighting levels can make buildings unsafe.

Unpermitted work

Any electrical work done without a permit can potentially violate codes and be hazardous.

By identifying these problems early, we can make the necessary repairs before a more serious electrical emergency occurs. Contact Ampco Electric to schedule your electrical inspection.

Importance of Corrective Electrical Repairs

When an Ampco Electric inspection uncovers electrical issues, it is essential to promptly correct them. Even small code violations and minor problems left unaddressed can lead to catastrophic fires, shock and electrocution hazards, or expensive equipment damage down the road. Our master electricians not only identify issues, but also provide accurate repair recommendations and competitive estimates. We assist homeowners and businesses in prioritizing which repairs require immediate attention.

Some examples of critical electrical repairs include:

Even minor repairs like replacing a malfunctioning breaker or outlet, adding tamper-resistant receptacles, and securing loose wires can significantly improve the safety of your Tulsa electrical system. With a comprehensive repair plan from Ampco Electric, you can rest easy knowing your home or business meets the highest electrical standards.

Electrical Panel and Service Upgrades

Electrical capacity needs tend to grow over time. As you add larger appliances, more electronics and lighting, HVAC upgrades, electric vehicle chargers, hot tubs and other loads, your existing electrical panel and service wires may no longer be adequate. Warning signs of an overloaded electric service include frequent tripped breakers, flickering or dimming lights, and shutdowns. If our Tulsa electricians discover your system is undersized for your home or building’s needs, we will recommend a panel or service upgrade.

Panel upgrade

This involves replacing your outdated fuse box or panel with a new larger capacity panel and more 240V circuits to handle added loads. We generally recommend upgrading to 200 amp panels or greater for most homes today.

Service upgrade

For major capacity increases, the service wires/conduit from the utility lines to your structure may need upgraded in addition to the panel. This requires coordination with your utility company.

When planning an upgrade, Ampco Electric will conduct thorough load calculations to determine the optimal new panel and service size per NEC requirements. We obtain all necessary city permits, coordinate with the utility, and provide a full installation or replacement of your panel, service wires, grounding, and associated branch circuit wiring. Upgrading now provides room for future expansion and ensures your electrical system operates safely for years to come.

Preparing for an Electrical Inspection

To make your next electrical inspection in Tulsa go smoothly, Ampco Electric recommends:

Have all work that requires inspection ready

Permits are needed for all new circuits, wiring, panels, and major electrical equipment installations or upgrades. The work must be complete.

Ensure access to all electrical components

Inspectors will want to visually examine the panel, wiring, outlets, switches, lights, junction boxes, appliances, and smart devices.

Review inspector notes from previous visits

Fix any unresolved issues from past visits before a new inspection.

Check grounding and GFCIs

Inspectors will test grounding and GFCIs. Repair any problems ahead of time.

Gather all paperwork

Inspectors will test grounding and GFCIs. Repair any problems ahead of time.

Be on site during the inspection

Communicate any questions or issues with your Ampco Electric electrician and the inspector.

Ask about next steps

Once the inspection is complete, find out if any re-inspections are needed and when power can be restored.
With adequate preparation, your electrical inspection does not need to be stressful. The building inspectors simply want to ensure your Tulsa home or facility is electrically safe. Ampco Electric will walk you through meeting all code requirements for a seamless inspection process.

Common Electrical Code Violations

While codes change over time, some notorious electrical code violations turn up again and again during Tulsa inspections:

Ungrounded wiring and reverse polarity

All receptacles must be properly grounded for safety.

GFCI protection missing

Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and outdoor outlets require GFCI outlets.

Open junction boxes

All splices and connections must be contained in approved covered boxes.

Wrong breaker size for wire gauge

Breakers must match the ampacity of the connected wires.

Double-tapped breakers

Only one wire should be connected per breaker terminal due to loose connections.

AFCI protection missing

All branch circuits require AFCI breakers per NEC guidelines.

Overloaded circuits and services

The capacity must handle calculated electrical loads.

Exposed or damaged wiring

Nicks, loose connections, and unprotected wires are hazardous.

Missing permits

All electrical work requires permits from the city.

By spotting these violations proactively during our inspections, Ampco Electric can correct them before the city inspector finds them. We keep up with all Tulsa electrical codes to make the inspection process fast and easy.

Importance of Working with Electrical Code Experts

Electrical code compliance in Tulsa involves many complex regulations, calculations, permitting processes, and inspection criteria. Without the right expertise, costly violations and headaches can occur. That’s why partnering with Ampco Electric for your Tulsa electrical project provides peace of mind.

Our experienced master electricians have installed countless systems that pass city inspections on the first attempt. We stay current on the frequently modified Tulsa electrical codes as well as national NEC and NFPA standards. In addition, we maintain an excellent working relationship with the city permitting office and inspectors. This allows us to get permits approved quickly and answer any inspector questions on site. Our electricians actively listen to your needs while advising you on the most code-compliant solutions. By leveraging our expertise, many clients avoid the need to redo non-compliant work installed improperly by less qualified electricians.

Contact Ampco Electric’s pros today whether you need new electrical installation, upgrades for an existing system, or full code compliance services. With our support, your project in Tulsa will meet all electrical codes plus provide the safety, aesthetics, and functionality you desire. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver exceptional electrical workmanship.