Are you experiencing large-scale problems with your electricity? Are you experiencing a continuous issue with a circuit breaker or panel that keeps tripping, blowing, or killing power to areas of your commercial building? These issues may be symptoms of a problematic, outdated, or defective electrical system.

Ampco Electric provides troubleshooting in many different areas of industrial and commercial electrical systems:

  • Power Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Motor Controls
  • Production Equipment

We are always conducting safety checks and quality control checks to mitigate risk, limit potential problems, and maximize the functionality of your project. Our licensed and insured electrical contractors can come to you and address any exposed outlets, wires, or other equipment that may be causing internal problems or hazards.

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Our comprehensive trouble shooting services include:

  • Service panels
  • Circuit breakers
  • Inspection and identification of electrical problems
  • Repair of defective components
  • Replacing and installing new reliable systems if necessary

At Ampco Electric, safety and service go hand-in-hand. When we come to work on your electrical systems, you can rest assured that we are employing safety procedures to protect your safety, the safety of your patrons or employees, and our own safety.