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Since we launched in 2019, Adobe Fresco has been bringing new features and experiences to our users, to make it easy and accessible to draw, paint and create art. In that time, our community has drawn 18 billion brush strokes and created over 200 million different projects, and our team has introduced over 100 new features to the product. Today, hundreds of brushes, unlimited layers, and powerful tools are accessible to anyone across iPhone, iPad, and Windows.

Every month, the Fresco team launches powerful new features and tools, to unlock new ways for Fresco users to create. Last year at our annual Adobe MAX conference, we debuted motion features which enabled users to animate their artwork and bring it to life. We have been blown away by the incredible animation work our community has created, and all the different ways they’re using Fresco each day.

Since last year’s MAX, we’ve stayed busy launching a ton of great new features, here are a few of our favorites:

Reference layers keep your line work layers and fill layers separate. Simply specify your line work as a reference layer, choose another layer and the Fill tool will operate based on your reference layer contents.

Perspective grid capture uses Adobe Sensei technology to automatically create perspective grids from an imported image, layer, or your entire document.

Our new Manga Vector Brushes are designed to make creating your own manga artwork in Fresco easier than ever before. Use the g-pen’s wide range of lines to bring your main character to life. Try out the mapping pen to nail some of those smaller character details, like hair and facial features, and the drawing pen can help you create even frame lines and backgrounds.

And new this month in our Fresco 3.6 release, we’re excited to share 2 powerhouse new features that are sure to enhance your Fresco experience:

The magic wand tool allows you to quickly select an area of your artwork and then dynamically fine tune your selection to just the part of your work that you are focused on.

Make subtle or drastic adjustments to your artwork with the Liquify tool: Push, pull, twirl, pucker or bloat an area using these familiar tools that you might recognize from Photoshop.

It’s been a non-stop journey of improvement and growth for Fresco. In fall of 2019, we never could have known how the world would change in the months that followed, but since then we have seen more and more people falling in love with drawing. Whether picking up a new lockdown hobby, finding a new stress reliever, or making it a habit of drawing at home with their kids, drawing has become a priority for many new users in the last few years. Fresco has always been free, but as more people are looking for new ways to create, we want to ensure that our premium features are even more accessible. We’re excited to share that anyone who wants access to premium shapes, brushes and more can now get Fresco for just £8.99 a year. We have had a busy year so far, but we’re not slowing down now! We are halfway to MAX 2022 and we are so excited to see you in person again this October. We have some great sessions planned, and even more cool new features updates coming, which we’ll be sharing more about in the coming months. So, make sure you have the latest version of Fresco installed, try out our new features, and share your artwork with us @AdobeDrawing, or using the hashtag #AdobeFresco.